Lululemon Sets Out New Social and Environmental Targets

October 29 2020– Athletic apparel brand Lululemon has announced a range of new social and environmental targets as part of its newly-launched and first Impact Agenda.

The multi-year strategy is split into three key areas: ‘Be Human’, which focuses on inclusion and diversity, ‘Be Well’, which focuses on mindfulness and wellbeing, and ‘Be Planet’, which focuses on sustainability.

Key targets in the Impact Agenda include a commitmentment to invest 75 million dollars into equitable wellbeing programs globally by 2025, expanding gender pay equity to full pay equity for its employees, and making 100 percent of its products with “sustainable materials” and end-of-use solutions by 2030.

Other notable sustainability goals include offering resell, repair, and/or recycle options to its customers by 2025; sourcing 100 percent renewable electricity to power its operations by 2021; reducing freshwater use intensity to manufacture its products by 50 percent; and reducing single-use plastic packaging by 50 percent by 2025.

“Lululemon has a unique opportunity, responsibility and platform to drive meaningful change. We share our Impact strategy against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, a global climate crisis, and systemic inequities in our society,” said Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald. “As a global brand, industry, and as individuals, we must play a part to change the world for the better.”

McDonald continued: “Our Impact Agenda is more than a set of commitments. It’s a holistic approach that reflects who we are, guided by our purpose to elevate the world by realizing the full potential within every one of us. I am grateful to everyone who has dedicated their knowledge and experience to help us define our approach.”

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Source- FashionUnited