Mango Launches Range of Reusable Face Mask

May 29 2020– Mango has announced that its newest collection will include a range of face masks for men, women and children.

The Spanish fashion brand has created the face masks in compliance with the Spanish Association for Standardization’s requirements for materials, design and manufacturing. Conforming to these standards “guarantees filtration in excess of 90 percent, breathability below 60 percent and up to 10 washes,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

The designs featured in the face masks have been produced locally and are available in one size for men and women and in three different sizes for children. Adult designs, which retail for 12.99 pounds, went on sale on Mango’s website on May 28, with children’s masks launching at a later date.

Mango is further selling two types of plant-based sanitizing gel for hand cleansing. These sanitizers can be purchased on the company’s website and in selected physical stores.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Mango has donated two million face masks to hospitals throughout Spain and has manufactured 13,000 surgical gowns for healthcare workers. As many countries around the world began loosening their lockdown measures, the company accelerated its store reopening plans. Currently, 80 percent of Mango’s store network has been reopened, with the remaining 344 stores scheduled to offer in-store service again by June 2.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is doing their best to ensure that they are safe and stay at home. For this reason, some designers are creating masks that are as much about fashion statements as keeping people safe, and some are using it to spread awareness. Recently, Mango, a leading fashion brand, joined the league of producing face masks. Apart from costumes, the company also launched sanitizing gel for hand cleansing. The face mask customization software by iDesigniBuy offers a platform that will help your buyers make their masks with new styles, and remain relevant, and fashionable even during this pandemic. We are a leading fashion tech company that is also doing its best to ensure that people stay inside by providing brands the option of “try before you buy.” The concept will allow buyers to design their masks from brands’ websites with their homes.

Source- FashionUnited