New Hybrid Format Revealed By Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week, which confirmed in May that it will go ahead in August, has announced that the spring/summer 2021 edition will introduce a new hybrid format, consisting of both physical and digital shows.

The new hybrid format will mix digital experiences with physical events explained Cecilie Thorsmark, chief executive of Copenhagen Fashion Week in a statement, with Scandinavian brands presenting both live and pre-recorded content on what it is calling its “revamped” digital platform to ensure that editors, buyers and consumers “can access all material no matter where they are across the globe”.

Thorsmark, said: “Although convinced that digital solutions can never replace the emotional and sensorial experience of seeing collections physically, this edition marks the kickoff of a new era for Copenhagen Fashion Week, where presenting and distributing shows digitally is now more crucial than ever. We’re extremely excited to see how this development can foster original creative material and cultivate new relationships with editors, buyers and consumers.”

While shows will run from August 10-12, organisers said that it doesn’t mean that it is “returning to business as usual” following the coronavirus pandemic and that there will be fewer physical shows and presentations and social distancing needs will be strictly enforced.

It added that while Denmark is “recovering rapidly” from the pandemic, the Danish government don’t lift the ban on gatherings of 200 people until August 8.

“Brands with live showcases need to be flexible and adaptable in their planning,” explained Thorsmark. “We will, of course, continue to act in accordance with the instructions and regulations of the Danish authorities and guide brands in taking the necessary safety measures during Copenhagen Fashion Week.”

Copenhagen Fashion Week creates digital advisory board

To align the new hybrid format with industry needs, Copenhagen Fashion Week has created a digital advisory board that includes Ganni’s founder Nicolaj Reffstrup, Stine Goya’s chief executive Thomas Hertz, Holzweiler’s creative director Susanne Holzweiler, Hope’s creative director Frida Bard and the creative agency Moon’s chief executive Martin Gjesing.

Thorsmark, added: “With such insightful and knowledgeable industry leaders on board, we feel confident that the design of the upcoming Copenhagen Fashion Week fits the industry’s current circumstances,”

The upcoming edition of Copenhagen Fashion Week will also have a centrally located physical hub, called CPHFW Hub, to bring the industry together for social events, presentations, talks, and interviews.

“Over the past years we’ve put Copenhagen on the global fashion week map by giving our international guests an authentic Scandinavian fashion experience – right here in the capital city of Denmark,” added Thorsmark. “Now we’re expanding our digital universe to share this experience using a hybrid format that allows access to Copenhagen Fashion Week despite travel restrictions – and we hope to reach many new audiences.”

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Source: Fashion United