North Face Launched Summit Series™ Advanced Mountain Kit

DENVER: Human exploration in the high-alpine is evolving and, today, The North Face has introduced The Summit Series Advanced Mountain Kit to meet the growing demand for innovation in high alpine gear. The Advanced Mountain Kit is a breathable, packable, warm and lightweight layering system that gives athletes the freedom to move quickly and efficiently in extreme Alpine conditions without compromising protection.


The North Face Brings Five Technologies to Market with the Introduction of the Summit Series™ Advanced Mountain Kit

The North Face Brings Five Technologies to Market with the Introduction of the Summit Series™ Advanced Mountain Kit

With advancements in fabric and material technologies, changing climates, and the progression of human performance, there’s a growing demand for innovation in products designed for high altitude expeditions. In response, The North Face assembled an international team of elite athletes, designers, and innovators to create a highly sophisticated alpine system.


Designed in complete collaboration with professional alpinists, David Göttler, Herve Barmasse, and Andres Marin, the pieces in The Advanced Mountain Kit deliver every layer an Alpinist needs to summit the world’s highest peaks. Made up of 21 unique products designed to work harmoniously together, The Advanced Mountain Kit is packed with innovation, new technologies, unique construction, and an elevated level of performance.


“As a brand founded on innovation and a commitment to building products that push the limits of exploration, the Advanced Mountain Kit is giving athletes the tools to help them climb faster and more efficiently in the world’s harshest climates.” said Scott Mellin, Global General Manager of Mountain Sports for The North Face. “Inspired by the truth of ‘Athlete Tested, Expedition Proven’, we focused the power of the entire global brand to develop this kit in an effort to deliver a unique system that puts the athletes’ needs first.”


“This kit is revolutionizing how professional climbers attempt big objectives and move at high altitude,” said Andres Marin, Professional Climber for The North Face. “Through the use of premium material, new technology, and revolutionary construction, this incredibly lightweight system is the most functional gear I’ve ever used, from base camp to summit.”


In creating this unique layering system, The North Face is leveraging its recent innovative fabric technology, FUTURELIGHT™, alongside four new, proprietary technology and construction innovations, introducing:


Cloud Down: Cloud Down is created using a discontinuous offset baffle construction for increased thermal performance in a lighter package. This unique construction features an asymmetrical inner and outer construction, allowing maximum space for the down to loft while keeping the lining close to skin for enhanced thermal performance.


50/50 Down: 50/50 Down is an entirely new approach to insulation, delivering a truly breathable down insulator. A series of down-proof baffles are paired with a highly air-permeable face fabric, which creates a ground-breaking breathable down layer with less bulk. This innovative construction allows heat and moisture to escape for enhanced temperature regulation during aerobic activity in extreme environments.


FutureFleece: With FutureFleece, every detail counts when constructing a technical, lightweight layer – featuring a full-loop fabric construction made with octa-yarns, octagonal shaped yarn with hollow cross-sections for higher thermal performance. This seemingly subtle choice makes this extremely thin layer warm and soft for comfortable hours of wear in the some of the world’s harshest environments.


Dot Fleece: This active base layer works with the athlete by pulling moisture from the skin and expelling it to the outside of the garment with the use of hydrophobic inner yarns, while hydrophilic outer yarns pull moisture through engineered holes throughout the layer, helping the wearer stay dry in the Alpine.

FUTURELIGHT™ Technology: Our most advanced breathable-waterproof outerwear technology. For the first time ever, we’ve added enhanced air permeability to a waterproof membrane. Unlike conventional membranes, the nano structure of the FUTURELIGHT™ membrane allows air to pass through for better venting and breathability without sacrificing waterproofness and durability.


APPAREL & ACCESSORIES: The full Advanced Mountain Kit leverages these new, proprietary technologies and construction innovations to deliver a full integrated system designed for speed and efficiency in high Alpine conditions.


AMK apparel will comprise ten total garments across the five-layer system including the Summit AMK L6 Parka and Pant, Summit AMK L5 FUTURELIGHT™ Jacket and Pant, Summit L3 Pullover Hoodie and Pant, Summit AMK L2 Pullover and Pant and Summit AMK L1 Crew and Pant.


We uniquely understand the importance of gloves and the necessity to provide a range of solutions that solve for dexterity, warmth and protection. In creating the first-of-its-kind AMK handwear system, The North Face is leveraging its recent innovative FUTURELIGHT™ membranes and fabrics, alongside new, proprietary technology and construction innovations. The Advanced Mountain Kit includes four key glove and mitt styles: Summit L4 FUTURELIGHT™ Down Mitt, Summit L3 FUTURELIGHT™ Climb Glove, L2 Insulated Climb Glove, and L1 Climb Glove.


EQUIPMENT: In creating this highly technical equipment system, The North Face is leveraging its recent innovative FUTURELIGHT™ membrane, alongside new, proprietary technology and construction innovations and partnerships including SPECTRA™. Combining these innovative pieces, the Advanced Mountain Kit Equipment System will include the AMK ASSAULT Tent, AMK Superlight 10 bag, AMK Spectre 38L pack, AMK Spectre 55L pack, and AMK Base Camp Duffel XXL.


FOOTWEAR: To complete the system, The North Face will be introducing an incredibly lightweight, innovative footwear solution to include the Summit L3 Insulated Climb Gaitor, Summit L2 Supper Approach Boot, and Summit FUTURELIGHT™ Down Bootie. In creating this unique footwear system, The North Face is leveraging its recent innovative FUTURELIGHT™ membrane, alongside new, proprietary technology and construction innovations and partnerships including SPECTRA™.


In Fall 2020, the innovative technologies and materials introduced through the Advanced Mountain Kit will be made more broadly available to consumers through the company’s Summit Series™, a pinnacle product line of extreme cold weather clothing designed for high alpine conditions.


In memory of The North Face Athletes David Lama, Jess Roskelley, and Hansjörg Auer, the beloved alpinists that lost their lives earlier this year. Their lives, accomplishments, and humanity had an incredible impact on the climbing community and The North Face family. The North Face aims to always honor and remember those who inspire us at the limits of exploration.”


The North Face, a division of VF Outdoor, LLC, was founded in 1966 with the goal of preparing outdoor athletes for the rigors of their next adventure.  Giving more tech-driven approach to these apparels and accessories for mountaineers, iDesigniBuy offers sports apparel customization software that helps the athletes to select the apparel’s designs and styles as per their likings.

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