Reimagining creativity with Fashion Snoops Thrive Program

June 17 2020–Fashion Snoops, a global leader in trend forecasting, is launching an innovative, month-long strategy program designed to help creatives reset, reconnect, and get the insight they need to not only survive this moment of uncertainty, but THRIVE in it.

This digital, on-demand program, which will launch June 23rd, is designed to support creatives during this unprecedented time, and guide them towards building a winning seasonal strategy.

“Our current reality is the forced reset we’ve been whispering about for years and while the last few months have not been ideal for anyone, the way that we’ve been doing things just simply hasn’t been working,” said Michael Fisher, VP Creative – Menswear at Fashion Snoops.

“Kicking off a seasonal strategy during a global pandemic can seem unimaginable, especially as many of us are physically disconnected,” said Jenna Guarascio, Director of Content Strategy at Fashion Snoops. “We questioned how we can combine self-awareness with facts and data for a more holistic, creative response. That is how the Thrive Program was born,” she added.

On-demand Program

The Thrive Program features on-demand learning modules, weekly live webinars, interactive ideation tools, trend reports, and AI-powered retail and media trackers. Being an online program allows for individuals and teams to join from wherever they are in the world and progress through the different modules at their own pace — separately or collaboratively.

Over the course of four weekly learning modules, Fashion Snoops will help creatives build an informed, heart-led framework that is both human-centric and solution-oriented. Each week is broken up into four main sections: mindful practices, consumer insights, design inspiration, and market alignment. Fashion Snoops promises that by the end of the four weeks, participants will walk away with a new, creative approach and a powerful action plan for themselves and their teams.

Trend experts and renowned guest speakers

The program brings together over 15 Fashion Snoops trend experts and as many renowned guest speakers including: Liz Gilbert, New York Times best selling author of Eat, Pray, Love; Hugh Herr, Director of Biomechatronics at MIT Media Lab; Steve Tidball, CEO & Co-Founder of Vollebakand; and many other thought leading entrepreneurs, somatic practitioners, and artists.

The program’s weekly learning modules are built around Fashion Snoops’s four seasonal Cultural Sentiments for FW 21/22: Goodness, Wonder, Edge and Amend. In each module, Fashion Snoops explores lifestyles, attitudes, values and feelings, examines new movements, and uncovers insights that are impacting consumer behavior. These new movements are then detailed in the form of market-specific design guidance, including: color, materials, pattern & graphics, shapes & details, key items, and thematic storytelling for a variety of fashion, apparel and textile markets, accessories, home décor, beauty and more.

“This pause in business, that we have all experienced, really highlighted for all of us how little time and attention we have given ourselves to truly create with our hearts. It is time we make a change,” said Lilly Berelovich, Fashion Snoops Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer.

True to the company’s #HeartLed forecasting approach, Lilly and her team are calling for fellow creatives to allow themselves to approach creation in an entirely new, organic way that bridges the brain and the heart.

“We know that what’s ahead is uncertain, so don’t try to do it alone,” says Berelovich. “Join our Thrive community and let’s feel the future together.”

The program will launch June 23rd, but participants can continue to enroll all throughout 2020. It is recommended for designers, product developers, merchandisers, innovation managers, marketing professionals, and others looking for direction and inspiration that is both felt and factual.

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Source- Fashion United