Rixo Reveals Sustainable Capsule Collection

London-based contemporary womenswear brand Rixo has unveiled a 10-piece sustainable capsule collection, which will offer its consumer “consciously creative, one-off, original pieces that will last”.

Each piece from the ‘Rixo Recycle’ collection has been made in a female-owned factory in India, using recyclable materials and offcuts of fabric that would have otherwise been wasted. As the collection utilises off-cut material, some pieces in the range are limited to just 1 or 2 pieces, while others have 50 pieces, as the brand highlights how each piece is “completely unique”.

Commenting on the collection, Rixo co-founder, Orlagh Mccloskey, said in a statement: “On a trip to India I saw the prints lying there and in my almost magpie spirit I questioned what they were, to my absolute shock I was told that all the fabric was to be destroyed so I gathered them immediately and asked if we could utilise them into some special Rixo garments.

“Knowing each piece couldn’t be replicated our factory manager was slightly worried but I just told them to make what they could, hence some items being so limited and simply only 2 units being made.”

The collection has been designed to reduce Rixo’s environmental impact, added the brand, not just through materials used, but also the process, as it demonstrates the full supply chain life cycle in one place, from component sourcing to production. This brand adds showcases low impact manufacturing and reduced transportation.

Rixo launches Rixo Recycle a 10-piece sustainable fashion collection

The limited collection consists of timeless shapes that continue the vintage spirit Rixo embodies, featuring floral hand produce woodblock prints, that “were found in the corner of a room” have been utilised as the base of this collection.

Rixo co-founder, Henrietta Rix, explained: “The historic process of woodblock printing is being eradicated by digital printing so we are so pleased to present this next collection. To create these patterns, Indian ladies by hand carefully prepared individual woodblocks by cutting away wood with a knife, chisel, or sandpaper leaving the pattern. It is necessary only to ink the block and bring it into firm and even contact with the cloth to achieve an acceptable print, which takes years of practice.”

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Source: FashionUnited