Salvatore Ferragamo Teams Up with Microsoft to Enhance Made-to-Order

October 19, 2020— Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo has teamed up with Microsoft and its technological partner Hevolus, to create digital tools to enhance its phy-gital customer experience.

The move, part of the “new stage” of the brand’s digital journal, will allow Salvatore Ferragamo to showcase what it calls two fundamental elements of its heritage, innovation and craftsmanship, by creating new customer experiences that are more “immersive and tailored”.

Thanks to Microsoft’s Cloud Computing and Mixed Reality technologies, upon which Hevolus’s Augmented Store at Home platform is base, customers will be able to create their own Tramezza men’s shoe, choosing from four models, from the classic Derby to the double monk, as well as nine different colours in a selection of fine leathers.

The exclusive configuration also allows for customisation of the sole, there are five available colours and they can feature the customer’s initials in micro-studs, plus a tiny printed monogram chosen from the Gancini brand logo, a sun, a heart, the infinity symbol or a star. The buckle can also be finished in antique gold or graphite.

The final touch of personalisation allows for the customer’s name to be handwritten inside each shoe alongside dedicated packaging to “make it all even more special,” explains the Italian brand.

Salvatore Ferragamo enhances customer experience with new digital innovations

As a combination of “high-tech and high-craft” the innovative digital offering allows customers to view the customised footwear on the screen of their device, while also giving them the opportunities to interact with the 3D reproduction to change up their choice of materials, colours, details and finishes.

In addition to choosing hardware and personalisation, the digital tools to enhance the made-to-order service also allows customers to request virtual assistance and have live shared sessions with store-based retail advisors, wearing Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 holographic devices. The aim of which is to support the customer remotely, by helping to configure the Tramezza men’s shoe that best suits their needs, as well as creating a wish list and managing the order.

Micaela le Divelec Lemmi, chief executive of Salvatore Ferragamo, said in a statement: “Craftsmanship and innovation have always distinguished our Tramezza shoe collection and thanks to the collaboration with Microsoft and Hevolus, we will be able to assist our customers even more effectively, offering highly immersive and personalised experiences.

“The Tramezza – Future Of Craft project is part of our digital transformation path aimed at constantly innovating the service to our customers and is already offering significant benefits in various areas: from the optimisation of the customer journey in an omnichannel perspective to better management of space in physical stores, from the simplification of purchasing methods to better customer service, up to a rise in conversion rates.”

Antonella La Notte, chief executive of Hevolus Innovation, added: “The transformation process that is impacting the entire retail industry involves digital technology, which is playing a very important role in helping companies restart and innovate with a holistic approach centred on the final customer. Salvatore Ferragamo’s project is a source of great pride for Hevolus.

“Its success lies in the perfect balance achieved between the level of technological innovation, based on Microsoft’s Cloud Computing and Mixed Reality with HoloLens 2, and the level of innovation of the Made-To-Order service offered to the customer through a high-value and high-quality phygital experience. It is highly engaging because it goes far beyond the concept of the online configurator. Tramezza’s 3D digital twins, remote assistance in real-time, remote sharing of the experience, visualisation in mixed and augmented reality are absolute novelties for the brand and its customers.”

The phy-gital Tranezza made-to-order service will be available in 24 Ferragamo boutiques worldwide including London Old Bond Street, Milan, Paris, Chicago and IFS Chengdu, as well as through a new dedicated platform.

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