Scout and Molly’s Boutique Partners with Made With Love by JAX

Newport Beach, California, November 26, 2019: Scout and Molly’s, a local boutique in Newport Beach, California, will be hosting a trunk show for up and coming jewelry brand Made With Love by JAX, launched last year by Jackie Barrera, Founder and CEO.

“I am so proud to say I am beating the odds. I founded this company and formed this brand a little over a year ago. And we are growing. The products and brand were truly founded out of love. I decided to start my business so I could help support my dad as he was reaching his end of life. I needed to own my time so I could be available for my family. Crystals always provided me positive energy and inspiration. Creating beautiful pieces during this last year has truly helped me keep going strong. I love sharing the positive energy of my pieces with my customers. I am honored to be invited to be featured at Scout and Molly’s, a unique and beautiful local store in Newport Beach.”

Made With Love By JAX creates jewelry with positive meaning and intentions. Each piece is created to provide positive vibes to those who wear them.

“I especially enjoy creating pieces with very exotic gemstones and crystals. I have been collecting and studying crystals for over 30 years. Turning this passion into my business has been a blessing. I love when collectors and crystals fans stop by the farmer’s markets and enjoy my creations. It’s all about passion on positive vibes. I invite anyone interested in one of a kind jewelry, gemstones and crystals to stop by Scout and Molly’s on Saturday, November 30th, from 10am to 6pm.”

Scout and Molly’s is a boutique that promotes uniqueness since it was founded. So, this collaboration is a perfect match. Scout and Molly’s Newport Beach has been operating since November 2017, and this Thanksgiving, they are offering made in Newport Beach jewelry pieces as well as unique pieces of clothing made by up and coming artists and specialty brands.

“It’s all about supporting each other and collaborating with the right partners. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I invite anyone in the area to stop by this personalized shopping store to say hi, have a glass of wine while you shop, and who knows, maybe find a special piece of jewelry or clothing for a special someone. If you are not nearby the Newport Beach area, we invite you to shop online,” said Barrera.

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