Seeing is Believing with MILANJ Diamonds, Shop Local And Give Back to the Community


Christmas is quickly approaching, and the citizens of Philadelphia have already begun flooding the King of Prussia Mall in search of the perfect gift for their loved ones. More than 31 million searches are made for local jewelers each year, with the highest number of searches in November and December. It is no surprise that people love to buy jewelry during the holiday season. But there is a reason why people prefer to buy from local jewelers when choosing such a special gift for their loved ones.

Visiting local jewelry stores like Milanj Diamonds helps consumers identify what they are truly getting by seeing it in real life. When shopping local, people can speak to a jeweler about the quality they are receiving in the item they are purchasing. When the purchase is made from a local jewelry store like Milanj, it is the start of a long and personal relationship. Milanj Diamonds isn’t looking for the one-and-done customer. They want customers to become clients for life. Many Milanj customers continue to use them as a resource for all future jewelry-related questions and needs.

Through December 2019, Milanj Diamonds is offering up to 50% off the store’s entire selection of jewelry. Milanj Diamonds also provides interest-free financing for one year and low-interest financing for up to 60 months. Located on the Plaza level of the King of Prussia Mall, Milanj Diamonds is known for its extensive, in-stock diamond inventory as well as the expertise of its staff.

Consumers have entrusted their most important jewelry purchases to Milanj Diamonds for 35 years because the retailer provides peace of mind with several innovative programs. These programs include a 120-day price guarantee, a 365-day exchange privilege, and a free written appraisal and free plotting of diamonds for positive identification. Milanj even offers protection against loss, theft, damage, or breakage too. Many customers take advantage of the retailer’s 110% trade-in program to upgrade their jewelry years later, as well.

Along with the perks, as mentioned earlier, making purchases locally benefits the entire community in many ways. More money spent at local stores means more money stays within the community. This not only helps schools and other organizations through taxes, but small businesses are usually the organizations that support local sports teams, charities and events.

Milanj Diamonds is a perfect example of a local business giving back to the community. Milanj Bowe, an eight-year-old girl in the local community, was named after their jewelry store by her late mother. Milanj’s mother was a victim of gun violence in the greater Philadelphia area. To honor her, the Milanj Diamonds store started a scholarship fund for Milanj Bowe, as well as awarded her with a new Chromebook computer to give her a boost for her future education.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jalil H. Bami explains, “I was touched when I met little Milanj. She came into the store with her grandmother and told me how her late mother named her after the Milanj Diamonds store. When I heard how she lost her mother to gun violence, I knew I wanted to do something to help.”


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