Taylor Stitch Teams Up with Atelier and Repairs on Upcycled Collection

August 04, 2021– San Francisco-based men’s apparel brand Taylor Stitch is reimagining its excess inventory in partnership with Atelier and Repairs.

The ‘Reenvisioned Essentials’ collaboration will see the brand upcycling surplus stock on two of its essential styles, its Jack oxford shirt in white and blue and cotton chinos in khaki, navy and olive.

In partnership with Atelier and Repairs, each piece will be embellished with archival fabrics and undergo a softening wash to achieve the look and feel of a treasured, one-of-a-kind vintage find.

The aim is to avoid sending excess inventory to landfill, adds Taylor Stitch, which is looking to reduce its environmental impact.

“Other brands wouldn’t think twice about disposing of excess inventory to make room for next season – sending it to the incinerator or, worse still, the landfill – but that’s not our style,” explains Taylor Stitch on its website. “Rather than simply chalking it up to bad luck and moving on, we knew we had to do right by these pieces, so we reached out to our buddy Maurizio Donadi.”

Los Angeles-based Atelier and Repairs has used a mixture of damaged, deadstock or discarded garments and materials to give new life to Taylor Stitch’s pieces by adding tonal fabric patches to the chinos and accenting the shirts with subtle pops of colour and print on the chest pocket and hemline.

Maurizio Donadi, founder of Atelier and Repairs, said in a statement: “The beauty of our collaboration with Taylor Stitch was not only about re-thinking staple styles in one man’s wardrobe but also in their commitment to reduce inventory excess in the most relevant way possible. Not by discarding, but by reengineering their original design proposition.”

The Taylor Stitch x Atelier and Repairs Jack shirt retail for 195 US dollars, while the Chinos are 220 US dollars.

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Source- FashionUnited