Timbre & Style LLC Using Software for Graphics Design on Apparel

PALO ALTO, Calif: Software created at Timbre & Style LLC helps artists iterate on design drafts more quickly. The company announced today that it is starting to work with an increasing number of designers and graphic artists to expand its portfolio of products and designs.


Timbre & Style launched in January 2020 with an initial product offering of high-quality t-shirts featuring graphics inspired by abstract art as well as rock iconography. Recent high-tech apparel start-ups have relied on deep learning to generate designs, yet this approach requires sifting through artificially generated designs in order to identify viable creations. Timbre & Style also generates designs with the help of computers, but the company is not trying to replace human artists with artificial neural networks. Instead, it streamlines time consuming tasks in the design process, such as the creation of a large number of sketches.


“Our designs are abstract, yet they embody topics people feel passionate about. We want this passion to be reflected in our designs, too. But so far, software approaches to mimic the creative process to get there have struggled to generate particularly relatable designs,” says Timbre & Style CEO Juergen Heit. “We use techniques such as procedural generation to change up manually created, prototypical designs. In this way, we can get a good idea of what objects would look like if the visual perspective was changed or if the arrangement of objects was altered. Furthermore, artists and designers do not need to create many sketches and design prototypes themselves. In addition, the software continuously improves itself by learning which modifications worked for the designers and which ones did not. At every step of the way, however, real people exercise creative control. Ultimately, we want to support human creativity instead of to burdening customers or employees with curating computer-generated collections of artificial images.”


The company is inviting designers with a knack for abstract art to reach out and collaborate on creating engaging designs. With the digital transformation in almost every sector, enterprises are using tech-driven ways to satisfy their customers.


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Source: PR Newswire