Triarchy launches new line of bio-stretch denim

Triarchy Denim has aimed to reduce unnecessary waste in denim production since it rebranded with a sustainable focus in 2017. The brand is getting another step closer to its objectives with its upcoming Fall 2020 collection, which will see one of the industry’s first lines of bio-stretch denim.


Traditionally, stretch denim consists of a polyester or plastic element to achieve the elasticity consumers want in their jeans. Many brands have found that creating denim with recycled plastic works to create sustainably produced denim, however Triarchy’s bio-stretch denim achieves a new goal.


“Either way [stretch denim with polyester] is contributing to micro plastics coming out of the clothing during wash,” explained Triarchy co-founder Adam Taubenfligel to FashionUnited. “Additionally, the end of life becomes a problem if the stretch percentage is higher than 2 percent, because then you can’t separate the fibers to reuse the cotton and poly separately.”


Taubenfligel explained that bio-stretch can replace polyester in denim altogether, which can in turn lead to a future with less plastics going to waste and landfill. Alternatively, Triarchy’s bio-stretch is derived from natural rubber, making it completely biodegradable. “Where a pair of poly infused jeans would take 20-200 years to break down in landfill, bio stretch denim would biodegrade in your compost in less than a year,” Taubenfligel said.


Triarchy’s new bio-stretch denim gives comfort without environmental cost

As brands and consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental impacts, new solutions are created to allow manufacturers to create new denim, without hurting the planet. Most of these solutions have centered around the water and energy usage in dyeing denim or the practices of growing cotton that will ultimately make the fibers.


Triarchy’s bio-stretch stands out as it solves a previously unaddressed issue in denim production.


“Consumers are looking for great fit and comfort,” said Taubenfligel. “Rigid denim, or non-stretch denim, is classic and timeless, where stretch denim has always been the best way to have your cake and eat it too — because you get the look of denim, with the comfort of sweatpants. Now we can have our cake, eat it too, and watch it biodegrade when we’re done with it.”


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