Womenswear 2020 innovator trends

April 03,2020- Trendstop gives FashionUnited readers a first look at three of the top womenswear innovator trends spotted during the international fashion weeks.

Documenting the key influencer looks emerging on the global fashion scene, the Trendstop team of expert photographers and analysts have identified the must-have pieces and essential styling trends, from Europe to the USA, that will be informing the womenswear apparel and footwear market into 2020 and beyond. Our dedicated street style trend reports identify and evaluate the commercial value and longevity of each trend, giving you the optimum level of in-depth analysis to inform decision making.

As consumer attention returns to the home and spending time indoors, The Cosy Sports Coord, The Babouche Loafer and The Loosely Tied Knit illustrate high fashion’s adaptation to a changing work/lifestyle climate.

  • The Cosy Sports Coord

The strong sportswear influences inspiring fashion, refocus on comfort and wearability away from the gym or running track. Coords retain key activewear messages through silhouette and detailing, updated for indoor and outdoor wear with cosy, tactile knits and super soft, luxurious jersey and furs combinations.

  • The Babouche Loafer

Footwear takes its cue from the indoor slipper, refining and elevating to look for a smart, premium feel that blends formal and casual. Luxe leather uppers and artisanal woven constructions are soft and supple, creating fold down backs for an easy slip-on appeal. Pared back, considered trims highlight the high-end aesthetic.

  • The Loosely Tied Knit

Soft knots and gathers bring a new dimension to knitwear as incorporated belt-like ties cinch the waist to create a new silhouette. Applied to premium yarn dresses and sweaters, sleeve-like ties in extra wide or long proportions that strategically conceal and reveal the body, introduce a subtle statement appeal.

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Source- FashionUnited