Offer Customized Blazers this Winter using Blazer Customization Software

Winter is outspokenly a beautiful season with frosty mornings and bright days. Welcomed with wholeheartedly across the globe, winters bring a whole new fashion swag among the US people. They are inspired to wear heavy outfits with a touch of elegance and style. Blazer is among one of the most stylish and commonly worn apparels in winters. A perfectly designed statement blazer not only keeps fashion lovers warm but also gives them a perfect look in office and parties.


Offer Customized Blazers this Winter using Blazer Customization Software


So if you are an apparel brand or manufacturer and can see the potential in the fashion market in winters, blazer is the perfect apparel you can offer to your customers this season. Die-hard fashionistas never give up on their style and always experiment with it for that unmatched look. A warm blazer is magic apparel that pulls together any outfit in winters while giving a crisp and defined look.


You must be wondering how you can offer unique blazer designs to your patrons!


You must be thinking about how your brand can add an extra edge to this dramatic apparel this winter!


So, get ready to take fashion to the next level by integrating Blazer Customization Software this winter.


Yes, Blazer Customization Software empowers your brand to offer customized blazers for men and women for both work and play.


Let’s see how your brand can attract customers with custom winter-ready blazers.


What is Blazer Customization Software?

Blazer customization software is a high-end tool that comes with numerous features that help in designing a blazer. At the outset, when you buy the software, it gets integrated with your website. Whether your website is built on WordPress, Magento, Shopify or any other ecommerce platform, the software can be seamlessly integrated with it for smooth functioning. Once it is ready, you can showcase different basic designs of blazers on your website that can be further customized as per the users’ needs. Users have to log in on your website to use the software.

After choosing the blazer design from the web catalog, the user is redirected to the design page where he/ she can work on every detail of the blazer for that unique self-defined look. The software is pre-loaded with exquisite styles under every category along with an extensive fabric library and vibrant color palette. For example, a user can customize these parts of the blazer by choosing from a variety of styles.

  • Jacket Style
  • Jacket lapel
  • Jacket Pockets
  • Jacket Sleeves
  • Jacket Buttons
  • Jacket Vent
  • Jacket Inner Lining
  • Stitching
  • Ticket Pockets
  • Accent Stitching
  • Monograms

For winter blazers, you can offer fabric like wool, silk, wool flannel and linen. Brown, burgundy, amber, blue, gray, chocolate, charcoal brown, carbon gray, tan, khaki, ivory are some of the shades that bring warmth in the winter while adding sophistication and charm. Your customers can customize their blazer by choosing from a wide range of colors and fabric.

Benefits of Blazer Customization Software 

Let’s have a look at the array of benefits offered by blazer customization software to the customers and businesses.

For Customers:

  • Effortless designing
  • 3D visualization for a superior experience
  • Mobile responsive layout
  • Wide range of choices
  • Perfectly fitted blazers
  • Easy and affordable purchase
  • Excellent quality matching with branded pieces
  • Delivery at doorstep
  • Inspiration from runway fashion
  • Styles for every occasion
  • Expedite service


For Apparel Brands and Manufacturers

  • Higher margins as no middlemen exist
  • Opportunity to position brand in the bespoke fashion market
  • Made-to-order designs
  • No piled-up inventories
  • Expanded revenue stream
  • Access to global customers
  • Add on to physical store
  • Enhanced user experience
  • A loyal base of customers
  • Strong online presence
  • Niche segment
  • Barriers to entry in the market
  • A broad base of millennials and Gen Z targeted audiences
  • Chance to offer sustainable fashion


Where can you Find a Reputed Blazer Customization Software?

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