Online Tailoring Design Software Expanding Sustainable Fashion Market

The new sustainable fashion industry is rising to the occasion over the past couple of years. The customers witness that every day some or the other brand using innovative techniques to stay relevant in the market. In the coming days, the trend will increase with even more intensity, and




sustainability will become the norm. The online tailoring design software is a solution to those apparel companies who are yet to confirm with the drift.


Recent trends suggesting the need for implementing online tailoring design software


Recent changes are over saturating with space in the fashion industry, and some are still struggling to find their area. Customization in the wholesale clothing domain was one such black sheep. It turns out, there are fewer companies in the sector that will enable their customers to create budget-friendly, and customized apparel and accessories. The primary reason observed behind the hesitation is most of the leading apparel companies traditionally worked within the premises of their business model and never had a chance to communicate with an individual consumer. Now, with the changing scenario, the strategies also need to change where you allow your end-users to create their swag gladly. From the argument mentioned above, it must be clear to know why this blog stresses so much on the customization. Now let see what the new action plan by other apparel manufacturers is.


Recently, Emily Adams Bode entered into a partnership with Microsoft on an artificial intelligence-powered digital quilt archive. Her clothes have always been refreshingly, charmingly un-digital, handcrafted from upcycled American antique quilts and textiles that often date back hundreds of years. The new partnership is called “Bode Vault” by the designer herself. The custom AI-powered, made-to-order will provide a platform for the computerized library of patterns and quilts. Bode and her assistants will then attach historical facts and dates to the design. While talking to the Vogue, she says, It’s not only for our inventory. It’s also for saving information for archiving. The original intent was to help with the process of scaling the business, but it’s also to give more contexts to the clothes for our customers.”


The same technology is used for Bode Jackets, where she brought a studio and uploaded it into the system to generate accurate date and place where the cloth originated. The technology used is first of its kind to be applied in the fashion sector and created a vast space of opportunities for other manufacturers and retailers to use up-cycled and historical material. The strategy will help the businessmen in the market to streamline and raise the competition bar with their business model.


Advantages of Installing Online Tailoring Design Software


  • User-friendly

The custom apparel software provides an easier podium to your customers to easily customize the selected apparel from your e-catalog. They need to have access to the better interface because the more comfortable they are to use it, the lesser are the chances of cart abandonment. Offer them one-click software to design their style with utmost ease, so they want to return to your site again and again.


  • Stays in Trend

These days buyers have ample amount of options and opportunities to switch, and therefore, you can’t take the risk of losing it all at once if you don’t comply with the changing attitude. The tool allows you to show trendy and funky clothes to the customers to choose from. Customization with technological advancement is making it difficult for manufacturers to stay relevant in the fashion market.

  • Understands Influencers

We are living in era of social influencers, and they have the power to change the mindset and purchasing behavior of the consumers. One of the social media celebrities, Kylie Jenner, is famously known for reducing Snapchat’s revenue by $1.3 billion in 20018 after her tweet on the company’s redesign. The tool will help you to show style guides to your audiences from where they can take tips and know what could work on them. Thus, helping you to understand the power of influencers.


  • Sustainable Fashion

The rising clothing crisis is giving headaches to fashion designers. But as the ethical and sustainable fashion is upscaling, the influencers to are not shying away to begin their movement of backing brands that understand the impact and wants to educate the buyers on reducing the hazardous environmental effects of the fashion.


Towards the end, it could be inferred that online tailoring software by iDesigniBuy offers great solutions that will help your apparel business to tackle the growing clothing crisis. Innovative technology, customization, and sustainability are the future of the fashion industry. The tool considers these factors to help you take your clothing brand to new heights and make an impact on the sector.

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