Online Tailoring Software Helps Improving Bottom line of Fashion Industry

Online Tailoring Software Helps Improving Bottom line of Fashion Industry

The custom tailoring market is on the rise these days as customers continue to look for the brands that are hands-on with the on the demand production. The trend started a couple of years back and will thrive in the years to come. Many leading companies have adopted this tectonic shift quite well, but some companies show reluctance to stream with the flow.


Online Tailoring Software Helps Improving Bottom line of Fashion Industry

The online tailoring software is a solution that backs fashion businesses hesitating to accept the trend.

Recently, a new custom-T shirt Kiosk, a continuation of “Design by You” t-shirt, was introduced at the Disney Springs. The consumers will be able to design the t-shirt with the Disney merchandise with the help of a kiosk located inside the market-place. The booth will display designs of all the available t-shirts, including Baby Yoda, Park Icons, and even Orange Birds in all sizes. However, some brands are yet to take advantage of what customers are saying, leaving the door open for even more innovation and take advantage. The ones that have adopted the change are inspiring and realizing the value of the bottom line. Therefore, there is still room for medium-sized apparel manufactures to make a transition in their business model for relevancy, sustainability, and profitability.

A recent study by the, an Italian men’s custom apparel company along with YouGov, a market research company, surveyed to know how many Americans are interested in custom apparel and purchasing habits. It revealed that almost 49% of the Americans prefer custom tailoring rather than regular shopping, spending $207 on the market. It is interesting to observe that men outspend ladies by $60.

Why do the Apparel Retailers and Manufacturers Need to Integrate Online Tailoring Software?

  • Degree of change

As more people are becoming aware of the “customization,” it’s impossible that the fashion industry would remain static. Made-to-order strategy enables people to feel empowered and heard, making them understand the importance of personally designed products. There are apparel companies that support the change from supply-driven economy to a demand-driven economy. Many experts in the fashion market deem the mainstreaming of custom apparel in the next couple of years.

  • Meet the expectations

Made-to-order is all about meeting the expectations of the consumers as they won’t be ready to accept anything that falls short in what they originally conceptualized. The manufacturers needn’t worry about the added cost and time taken to deliver what buyers demanded as the consumers are ready to buy high-priced custom clothing.

  • Less Responsibility

Designers would not have to face the wrath of the customers if they don’t like any of the apparel. They don’t have to worry if any of their design fails to attract customers. The onus is entirely on the buyers now. The custom apparel market helps them relax and guide what might look with what to the end-users.


How Online Tailoring Software Helps You Thrive in On-Demand Market?

The shift in trend calls for analyzing and selecting the correct technology that will help you to compete in the cut-to-cut market. The on-demand model is all set to flourish with the custom apparel software installed on your tailoring site. It puts up your e-catalog in front of the user from which they can their clothes suiting their personality and style.

    • They can select from a wide range of clothes, such as shirts, polo t-shirts, pants, blazers, coats, and caps coupled with fabric, collar style, cuff design, buttons, among others. The tool has easy to use interface that makes the customizing and purchasing process convenient.


    • The software offers a window of innovation to your business site, such as mobile responsive layout, 3D preview, undo-redo options.


  • The tool is easy to understand and helps you target a diverse audience, such as English, German, French, and Arabic.

Thus, from the above facts and statistics, it would be appropriate to infer that many of the leading brands are ready to capitalize on the custom apparel business model and recognize the widespread adoption among the buyers. This is the ideal time to integrate online tailoring software by iDesigniBuy on your business website to thrive on the personalization revolution and take your business to greater heights.

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