Offer Personalized Gifts with Product Customization Software

Personalization is everywhere in retail. As customers’ journeys start, personalization hits them on every milestone. The overall efforts of marketers these days are directed to create personalized experiences for their customers for higher engagement. Gifting is a well-known segment that has been witnessing tremendous growth as far as customized gifts are concerned.


Offer Personalized Gifts with Product Customization Software


Whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Birthdays, Anniversaries, people want to create a memorable impression on their loved ones while making them happy at the core. And the possibility of an emotional connection with personalized gifts is quite higher. This indicates a profitable scope for business owners, retailers, entrepreneurs, apparel brands, footwear brands, and fashion accessories manufacturers to adopt the formula of personalization to attract modern customers who seek unique in every endeavor, including gifting.


Product Customization Software: Main Ingredient of Customization Formula

Product customization is an umbrella term that connotes the scope of personalizing multiple products. Customization refers to adding images, logos, pictures, texts, designs, and clipart to merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, mobile skins, caps, handbags, ring, pendant, bracelet, footwear, shoes, and other items to increase their value and adding emotional worth to them.


In the era of fierce competition in the retail industry, retailers and brands need to think out of the box to offer distinctive value to their customers. They can provide a custom experience to their users by integrating product customization software with their business.


Current Situation in Personalized Gifting Industry

It’s not that customization is not trending or new to the industry. There are brick and mortar stores that offer a wide range of customization solutions under the gifting segment. But the downside of this model is visible in the form of reduced sales and high turnaround time with limited options available for the customers.


The reasons are evident for it as more and more customers are inclined towards online shopping; they prefer to look out options that are available conveniently without stepping out in the market. The State of Consumer Behavior 2020, a report by Raydiant, that surveyed 1,000 US consumers in January 2020, reveals that 68% of the respondents search for a better price online after finding a product at a physical store.


So, how to impart the expected level of customer satisfaction through the online model?

What if customers get to create their own customized gift items without assistance or intervention?

What if customers can add their imagination to the gifts to personalize it?

What is the solution?

Product Customization Software: Modus Operandi

Well, saying that product customization software is the ultimate solution in the current scenario for retailers would not be superfluous. The online product customization software is a feature-rich yet straightforward plugin that gets integrated with any ecommerce site built on ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and others. The software is developed using the latest technologies like Angular JS and HTML5, thus rendering high performance, speed, and efficiency to the application.

Once integrated with the business web store, the product customizer is available to the end-users for their designing purpose. At the front end, the users can view a designer dashboard that offers numerous features to customize the product.

Let’s understand through a case:

For example, if a fashion retailer offers a variety of products, including handbags, rings, pendants, footwear, mugs, gift boxes, caps, hats, and many more, the entire catalog is available to the user for customization. If the user chooses a handbag from the list, he can further customize it as per his/ her choice. The designer dashboard of handbag design software will allow the user to customize front, back, and lower panels along with buckle and strap. They can choose the texture of the leather and color of the bag from an extensive library. It’s also possible to add a name on the handbag to give it a personalized touch.

Additionally, the software supports 3D capabilities so that the user can have a three-dimensional view of the handbag before placing the order.

To sum up,

Customization is on the top of the mind of the modern customer. And nothing works better for businesses in this customer-centric economy than creating a curated experience for the customers for their ultimate delight.

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