Product Customization Software

Product Customization Software- A New Face of Fashion E-commerce

A decade ago, no one has ever imagined that Internet would reach such a level in the fashion industry. Not just the physical stores while street vendors also prefer to sell the products online. Thus
product customization software
is skyrocketing at a high pace.


Product Customization Software


How Fashion and Product Customization Software Duo Work?

It signifies the fashion E-commerce is set to explode worldwide. The myriad of changes are observed in the industry with the pace of time and changing customers habit. To be on a fast-track growth, the online fashion industry has embraced the changes and tried to give the shopaholics the touch, feel and experience they are looking for. It’s started with mobile shopping where the fashion eCommerce store has started offering the shopping experience to the customers at their fingertips.

Why is Product Customization so Demanding Today?

Online product customization has taken over many e-commerce stores. But, what are the things that make these trend super demanding? Is it a real key to success for online stores?

Fortunately, results have proven product customization a game changer. E-stores who have already implemented customization software seen 10-14% uplift in their Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversion rates by 10%. Moreover, customers also find customization software interesting as it allows them to personalize products as per their wish.

How to Get Started?

There are multiple e-commerce platforms viz. Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. to start with. As the customer’s demands of personalization change, businesses can add or remove customization features accordingly. But what are the must-have customization features that should be added to your online store? Let’s have a glance at them-

1. Product Swapping

Adding swapping feature improves the flexibility of your e-store. It greatly affects user experience as they get multiple choices of product personalization. For instance, t-shirt design tool. Changing t-shirt type, color, etc. anytime adds a great level of user satisfaction.

2. Text

This feature allows users to text at any position on the product. You can provide multiple choices to personalize text attribute. For instance, configuration options like font style, size, family, etc. make customization process even attractive and easier for the users.

3. Clip-arts and Images

If you think customization is only limited to adding text and color, then you are absolutely wrong. You can liberate users to add/upload image or clip-art of their own choice as a part of the personalization feature. Your product customization software can also provide a pre-defined gallery of clip-arts and images.

4. Special Note

If users want to provide any suggestion to developer team, they can add with this feature. Users can add notes where they can illustrate their preferences and requirements.

5. Real-time Pricing

Showing real-time prices help to reduce the cart abandon rates of your e-store. If show product’s price when a user is done with customization, there are 70-80% chances customer will leave product due to high pricing. Hence it is good to show a rate of product in real-time as it is the more transparent way of managing your online business.

Wrapping it Up!!

Product customization gives a new identity to your store. It provides great insights into what your customer really wants. If your e-store wants to test with an integration of product customization software, be sure to contact iDesigniBuy today. We offer online product customization tool for at affordable cost which certainly helps to boost your business revenue.