It’s no secret how online shopping sites have increased the demand for readymade stylish clothing. Today’s forward-thinking shopper wants to be able to order their “made to measure” custom clothing whether its dresses, skirts, tops, shirts, suits, pants, jackets and even hoodies. People want to make their own unique fashion statement.

iDesigniBuy addressed just about all the needs that you the custom maker tailor would want. You will experience through real time engagement with your customer’s, how they can create their individual look. What used to be a future trend is now the today’s movement! If you see yourself as a forward thinker, you can have iDesigniBuy’s impressive and complementing on-line designer tool to separate yourself from your competition. Watch your business grow!

Shirt Customization software

Shirt Customization software

Enrich your online business and give it a competitive edge with our online shirt design tool. It is a complete business solution that allows you to offer an outstanding experience to your customers by letting them order shirts exclusively designed by themselves. Shirt design software is fully equipped with advanced personalization and product customization features to fulfill the unique demands of businesses. Avail our shirt design software and get a head-start over your competitors.

Suit Customization software

If you ever wanted to make your tailoring business more digital and advance, why not implement our suit design tool to grab more customers? Our suit design software is a perfect e-commerce solution for you. Today bespoke clothing has gained tremendous popularity over conventional costumes. To meet the demands of suit lovers, iDesigniBuy has developed this jaw-dropping suit design software, especially for tailors and cutters.

Suit Customization software
Kurta Customization software

Men Kurta Customization software

You are no far from giving your online kurta business a cutthroat edge by using our exclusive customization tool. Is grabbing more customers what your main vocation? We, with our unparalleled tool, make sure that your business gets a new height. People always happen to get crazy over outfits that can be personalized as per their choice and will. We, at iDesigniBuy, provide you with such tool that will help your customers relish the true essence of customization.

Men Tuxedo Customization Software

Enlarge the scope of your online business and flourish your eStore with highly advanced Men Tuxedo Customization Software. To meet the expectations of tuxedo lovers, iDesigniBuy' in its apparel customization solutions segment' has developed end-to-end tuxedo customization solution for online apparel businesses. It is a full-fledged business enterprise solution that enables your customers to customize their tuxedo by themselves.

Tuxedo Customization software
Shirt Customization software

Jacket Customization software

Want your online jacket design business earn a high profit? Be sure to utilize our jacket design tool to add customization features to make your business highly scalable and advanced. Allow your customers to pick up any model and customize it as per their wish. People love to buy jackets designed with their own creativity and it will ultimately drive more traffic and conversion rate for your online store.

Thobe Customization software

With the demand for custom design thobe rising beyond the bar, iDesigniBuy brings before you an amazing tool to give your business a new edge. For all the personalized thobe sellers willing to stand out in the market, this software will be a perfect inclusion to their business. So, what more are you waiting for when you can impart a unique touch to your business right away?

Suit Customization software
Pant Customization software

Abaya Customization software

Looking for some unique tool to enhance your abaya tailoring business? iDesigniBuy is here to help you with its nonpareil Abaya designing software. With online abaya design creating a significant ripple in market, our customization tool is all set to aid you in coming up with a range of colors, materials and style. Apart from helping you boost up your customer base, it will also make you meet the demands of the end-users in the finest manner.

Men Sherwani Customization software

Widen up the opportunities of your eStore and upscale your sherwani offerings with Men Sherwani Customization Software. In this tech-driven apparel industry, online apparels have gained the tremendous edge in the market and to meet the expectations of sherwani lovers' our software is heading high' satisfying customers of online apparel stores with its robust customization experience.

pant Customization software
Shirt Customization software

Pant Customization software

Provide your Pant Tailoring business a perfect touch with iDesigniBuy’s custom made pants. A great advantage of this tool that your customers can customize pants by selecting a variety of fabrics, styles, colors, and patterns as per their requirements and order it on the same platform. Integrating this software helps online tailors & merchants to build a strong customer base and hike in business revenue.