How Shirt Customization Software Helps Brands Become Socially Responsible?

The rising trend of customization is forcing the fashion industry to adopt slow-fashion or sustainable fashion to reduce the impact on the environment. Those who are failing to keep up with the expectations of the crowd would be forgotten in the coming days. The custom shirt design software will help brands manufacture apparel that needs less waste of energy and products. The tool comes with the latest built-in technology that will enable buyers to design their shirts with the comfort of their homes.

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How Shirt Customization Software Helps Dealing with Fast Fashion?


Countries where the majority of clothing is manufactured — as well as where much of it, ends up at the end of its life — are among the world’s most vulnerable to climate change, and many grapples with contaminated or insufficient water supplies, and other environmental ills. Buyers put social responsibility first according to recent trends. It has been observed, in total, 61% of vendors say product information relating to ethical manufacturing, sustainable or organic materials, for example, is a top priority for purchasing decisions. That puts social responsibility ahead of criteria, such as speed, personalization, and localization, as a critical driver of sales.


Therefore, the apparel brands must adhere to sustainable fashion and ensure that more diverse leadership participates in better environmental compliance. According to a study by Utah State University, having people of color on boards also makes companies more competitive and better governed. The onus is now on the fashion industry to change, advocates say, even sustainably focused mostly white businesses. It’s understandable that the Fashion sector won’t correct its imbalances overnight, but change-makers are emerging. One is Resonance, a vertically integrated platform for sustainable, on-demand fashion production, which announced a new initiative to “empower ten creators of color to build and launch their own fashion brands by August 2020.”

After realizing the importance of sustainability in the market, it is the time for brands to understand how customization can help them embrace it.


Here are the reasons for adopting the custom shirt maker, a customization solution:

Reduces Wastage

Customization has been a part of the fashion industry since time immemorial. It is becoming a more significant part of production and sales in the fashion industry due to sociological changes. It helps in combining the personalization and flexibility of custom-made products with mass production and specific target groups. Mass customization reduces the chances of returns, eliminates excess stock inventory, and leads to zero or no list. Zero inventories save a considerable amount of waste from being dumped annually into the environment.

Uses Advanced Technology

Another significant advantage of customization solutions is that it comes with advanced technology, which can serve as a long-term opportunity for apparel brands.  A report in the name of “smart textiles” incorporates the use of electronic capabilities into fabric in the healthcare and sports industries. Similarly, this technology can be used in manufacturing shirts and allow buyers to design clothes from a broad range of colors, styles, and fabrics. The apparel made with the help of this technology would be of more considerable significance to customers for its durability and manufacturability.

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Attracts Customers 

AfterPay Insights’ research has shown that Fashion has increased overall since the end of March. Fashion has grown significantly in all three countries, with e-commerce purchases in The Netherlands up 54 percent, Germany up 28 percent, and Norway up 61 percent. Buyers these days prefer shopping online, which has accelerated the growth of Fashion e-commerce. According to the survey, shoppers purchase 1-3 products across all countries online in 2 weeks. The fluctuation is likely due to different timings, such as the timing of summer Fashion sales across the various countries and the fact that different countries are easing corona restrictions.

Caters All Demands 

Compared to the average online shopper, people prefer fashion products moreover others because they get significantly more satisfaction when they are heard and can return the product if they don’t like it. But on the other hand, they are generally less satisfied with Fashion merchants when it comes to shipping & delivery as well as customer service. In such scenarios offering customization is the best solution for brands, as they get the order in real-time with the specific requirement put forth by customers.


People are becoming more conscious of the impacts of where and how they shop for clothes, helping to reshape the industry. The time has come when the investors and fashion industry stakeholders should re-evaluate their business ideology and embrace the new change that is all set to revolutionize the sector. The shirt design maker by iDesigniBuy will help apparel brands cater to the demands of forward-thinking shoppers with its customization solution and ensuring that brands become socially responsible.

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