Shirt Design Software: A Tool Aids in Exploring New Avenues

When we sell apparel to customers, we often hear them saying, “this one is too long, that one is too short. The collar on this one is too loose, and on that one, the cuffs are too tight.”  To make a piece of cloth that fits everyone is impossible, and as a result, people don’t buy things from the brand. But when there is a will, there is a way, and custom shirt design software is here to help you meet the specific demands of the customers. The tool provides the best customization solutions that guarantee your success in the fashion world.


Shirt Design Software Helps Exploring New Options


Alexander Allen, a well-known celebrity stylist while talking to Men’s Health Magazine, says “Anything that is custom made for you will be built specific to your measurements—something rack options just can’t compete with. Especially for muscular men, with bigger necks, chests, and biceps, going the custom route is best.” The statement goes to show that customization has become a trending topic among people, and as time goes on, more and more companies are offering custom-made shirts. They come at a price similar to what buyers pay for a button-down shirt at the brand’s department store. Besides, personalization provides them a chance to style more than just the fit, including options for everything from button details to monogramming.

Tailoring lasts for years — it is the ultimate in sustainable style as per Ruth Sunderland, the business editor of Daily Mail. The tailored apparel makes it possible to end the lifecycle of fashion because now people can wear anything and anytime. The outfit they design will be with them a more extended period in comparison to apparel available on the shelves of a department store. Besides, Ordering the item custom made has traditionally been an option only for bespoke and couture customers.


Here are some of the ways you can make your way into an emerging economy:


  • Navigating Obstacles


In a lockdown, there are elements of running a designer fashion brand that can’t be replicated remotely. But together, we have to navigate through these problems, and, and we offer the best shirt design software with ERP integration will help you to manage your employees work from home. The tool can also be used for real-time operations, such as production, inventory management, and omnichannel order fulfillment.

  • Embrace the New Normal


Most emerging luxury fashion brands initially work with wholesalers to get eyes on their product and handle distribution. However. Wholesalers, in particular operating in the bricks-and-mortar department stores and boutiques, are highly vulnerable right now. And as we move further, customers would refrain from stepping out in the crowd, and would instead prefer shopping online. Therefore, the apparel brands and designers should start preparing for the change from now and accept that staying at home and shopping would be the new normal. Infact, many brands, such as Proper Cloth and Modern Tailor are embracing new reality with open arms and are providing customization to their buyers with the ease of shopping through smartphones.

  • Time to Explore New Customer Base


Some designers see a silver lining: the unexpected pause in production has brought fashion’s neck-breaking pace to a halt. This is an ideal time they can use to target new audiences, invest in technology, and hear out what customers want. Social media is the best platform to test the waters as it enables you to check what is trending in the market, what is bothering people, and how you can streamline business operations.  Also, people are sitting home if you start showing your new designs or products; you would immediately get the feedback.

The best example to support the above mentioned notion would be Gianluca Vacchi; an Italian DJ is giving us all lessons in style. He recently posted his picture on Instagram, and in it, he was seen wearing a denim shirt with a seersucker suit. A combination we certainly wouldn’t have thought of, and one we definitely wouldn’t be able to pull off as well. He attracted many likes on his way.




In the fashion world, the new reality is scary, but we have to live with it because we have seen what happens when the truth is ignored. It is in the best interest of people and brands to produce just enough and deliver them in real-time. The 3D shirt design software by iDesigniBuy is here to help you manufacture precisely what your buyers expect. The tool enables you to expand new horizons and help you foresee future challenges. Now is the time to make way for novel business strategies.

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