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Time is of great essence in an industry that is as dynamic as the fashion sector. Designing a fashion product around the year is challenging and time-consuming. The time spent by fashion brands and retailers to create a product, research, ship, and sell it are vital processes that need to be done within the deadline, or they may miss out on the selling window. Modern digital solutions help brands to stress little about meeting the timeline and focus more on creating Best tshirt Design that can entice their audience. Likewise, the customization tools enable apparel brands to take the notch a little further and provide robust business solutions that can allow them to balance the demand and offer one-of-a-kind designs. The custom tshirt design software works on a similar concept and offers a platform where buyers can design their apparel in the ways they like and order them in real-time, thus eliminating the time taken to take the order and manufacturing them.  

Best tshirt Design Tool Provides Robust Business Solutions to Grapple with the Emerging Trends  

The fashion industry is closely associated with emotions. Beautifully made garments can trigger an emotional response among consumers and compel them to purchase the product. However, when the industry had to adopt the digital model, the emotional quotient with buyers went for a toss, and the sense of instant gratification was compromised. Nevertheless, these modern solutions helped brands recreate and redeem their brand value and reconnect with their buyers emotionally. The latest digital technologies allow buyers to gain instant gratification and let them shop anytime and anywhere. Though, its biggest weakness in delivering the product may cause people to lose interest and desire to buy the garment, sometimes leading to cancelling or returning the product. Therefore, several leading fashion brands are investing their resources to ensure the products reach the customers on time. For this, they must have the best logistical and fulfilment solutions in place that can shorten the time products spend in the market. Moreover, these novel solutions enable brands to offer the best customer services and other features that draw more customers to the company’s website and do business with them. Let us now look at the various factors that help companies deliver the products faster and swiftly scale up their business.  

Here are the elements of the new-age technology that help companies to strive for better customer service and enhance product quality:  

Providing Buy-Now-Pay Later Services  

As discussed above, in the ecommerce model, instant gratification is majorly missing either sometimes, the product is out of stock, or it has some other technical glitch. However, this problem can be resolved with the latest Buy-Now-Pay Later (BNPL) services, as it allows buyers to buy the product without having to pay upfront instantly. Many leading fashion houses and fashion weeks are recognizing the significance of adopting this novel business model that aids to sell the product instantly and earn from it in the days to come. This holds trues especially for the fashion weeks because, in the last two-three seasons, they had conducted the event using virtual reality; however, for this season, fashion weeks are back in real life — and the sense of excitement is palpable across the big four fashion capitals.  

As the first of the four to return to real life, from 8 September, New York Fashion Week is betting on integrating in-person shows with see-now-buy-now. This allows viewers to shop or pre-order items directly from the runway of a limited number of designers, including Altuzarra, Sergio Hudson, LaQuan Smith, Jason Wu and Maison Kitsune, while their shows are live-streamed on NYFW.com. This tech integration allows brands and designers to look after their buyers and allow their viewers to shop for an array of products, including beauty and books while watching tutorials and talks hosted on the site. The latest business model has gone beyond the designers and fashion shows. Also, for designers, the model has the potential to reduce systemic risks associated with the supply chain, which continues to be riddled with fulfilment issues, delays, and cost increases. 

Though offering BNPL services is not a new concept in the fashion industry, it was originally started to

realign the fashion calendar with the seasons back in 2016. It was heralded as the game-changer during its onset, and many leading brands, such as Tom Ford, Rebecca Minkoff, Tommy Hilfiger, and Burberry, were also quick to realize its potential and swiftly incorporated it in their business model. It was quickly put to rest as the supply chain issues and discouraging responses from customers dimmed the enthusiasm for brands. The feature is now ready to make a comeback and offer an easier shoppable experience for buyers with technological advancement.  

Availing On New Business Models 

Science has progressed to an extent where tech integration isn’t a big deal to make the shoppable content integrations easier while also providing better bandwidth for smoother video streaming. As a larger swathe of consumers is now used to shopping online and through content, a behavioural shift accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the modern solutions helps brands to capitalize on this trend. Last year, retail e-commerce sales worldwide surpassed $4 trillion, or 18 per cent of all retail sales. Emarketer expects this trend to continue, with online sales surpassing $6 trillion by 2024.  

Besides, big shots in the fashion industry want to position themselves at the centre of the universe that made $175 billion in 2020. And another way to attain this target is by offering digital gaming solutions to lure in more young buyers. In fact, a report by the Entertainment Software Association found that women account for 41 per cent of all gamers in the United States. Esports are also infiltrating popular culture, with an audience that’s predicted to reach 729 million in 2021, according to research from Newzoo. Though the fashion sector has been a little slow in taking up digital and immersive technologies; however, the pandemic outbreak has compelled brands to accelerate the adoption of digital solutions. And as the regular global fashion events were cancelled, businesses adopted new ways to reach consumers. For example, Drest is a fashion styling game that helps luxury brands encash through the high fashion content via mobile and video games. Louis Vuitton partnered with Riot Games’ League of Legends on prestige skins for 2019’s League of Legends World Championship Finals.  

Some of the more adventurous luxury Best tshirt Design brands are experimenting with immersive gaming, like Balenciaga‘s retro video game Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, which the brand released to showcase its fall 2021 collection. Lauded as an industry example of fashion and gaming working together beautifully, Afterworld immerses players in the brand identity using three-dimensional capture and Epic’s Unreal Engine.  

Offering Products that Support a Cause  

Digitization has emerged as a powerful tool to allow customers to speak up for the cause they believe in and show their solidarity with these objectives through apparel. And among the other clothes, t-shirts have allowed customers to display their support freely by using various hashtags, monograms, texts, and graphics. Many leading Best tshirt Design brands realize the depth and outreach of this new business model as they can now directly connect with their buyers and speak up on their behalf. Here is the case of an athleisure brand, “Boy Meets Girl“, who has recently announced the continuation of its #StopHate campaign, collaborating with activity box retailer InKidz on a back to school special.  

The campaign started by the Boy Meets Girl contains a t-shirt, bracelet, and other toys to support its partnership with the National School Climate Centre, with the underlying goal of ending bullying in schools. Its 20 per cent of the sales will be donated to the NSCC Bully bust campaign, with boxes sold through Boy Meets Girl and In Kids websites. The brands have collaborated with various influencers and youth activists to drive the ongoing campaign to take the campaign further. The ambassadors sported the Boy Meets Girl #StopHate top and branded sweats in remote photoshoot locations. In fact, the brand is a regular voice for demanding societal change, with past campaigns revolving around Women’s History Month, voting information, and the Black Lives Matter movement. To help promote reformation, the label releases collections with Best tshirt Design based on the commentary it wants to make.  

Moreover, allowing customers to freely design their apparel and giving the cloth a personal flair will help them associate with the brand closer and better. Also, it would instil in their minds that the company supports every movement undertaken by consumers and help them to sympathize and empathize with their cause. Likewise, the t-shirt design software online, a customization tool, allows customers to customize their t-shirts and show solidarity with each moment. We have also helped brands, such as Mp T-shirt, a Malaysian brand that was immensely challenged by managing and tracking its global brand. It was firm to maintain its identity, which translated into customer acceptance, awareness and ultimately sales. Our experts developed a solution that allowed users to Best tshirt Design in a step-by-step method devoid of any hassles. The printable output file formats are.PDF, PNG, JPEG and SVG & DPI of design output is 300. The online solution makes it extremely simple and practical to design t-shirts of choices. It is a very intuitive tool where users follow some easy to perform steps and symbolize their creativity. It offered an entire solution to users to apply images, clipart, texts, templates, and further customize by changing colour, formatting effects for text, etc.  

Capitalizing on the Metaverse Model  

Metaverse is a new business term in the fashion industry that was first coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash. But the concept reached its peak in April 2021 and seemed to be keeping a high score since then. But why is everyone in the fashion industry suddenly interested in the Metaverse. Going beyond the obvious race for investment – Epic Games raised $1 Billion in funding last April to support its long-term vision for the Metaverse, including many market opportunities for fashion brands. The term “metaverse” is anything where a digital asset can be easily transferred across multiple use cases. It is an extremely open-ended concept that is still in its early stages of development. Though it is not all about gaming, people recognize the platform through gaming and make it an integral part of their everyday lives. This new business model offers the centre stage to the designers, and many experts believe that today’s designers are well-versed with the new-age technology and can create apparel that is immersed in the digital world.  

Accelerating the Digital Solutions  

The digital shift in the Best tshirt Design industry requires a substantial overhaul of a brand’s supply chain and production process. This can be a costly and daunting process, especially when a brand doesn’t have full control of its supply chain and stores. In addition, there’s a real danger that outsourced production and early delivery to wholesalers enables Best tshirt Design to be leaked months in advance. However, with the entire supply chain and retail sector governance, the leaking and other ill-practises can be controlled using digital solutions. And these small disruptions are no biggies, especially when the industry has recently come out of the pandemic repercussions. These modern technologies are more beneficial from the fact that supply chain changes are already in a significant state of flux. The Covid-19 pandemic, which led to costly overstock, markdowns, and inventory shortages, highlighted many of the absurdities of the current system that can be countered using these techniques. The traditional processes served no good when many in the industry were caught flat-footed as they were incapable of keeping pace with fast-changing dynamics.  

Despite several fashion brands showing reluctance to adopt the new age technology, there is a general consensus that IMG and New York Fashion Week, more broadly, are heading in the right direction by maintaining a strong digital offering and more consumer-oriented initiatives. In fact, in the upcoming New York Fashion Week, IMG plans to Livestream all shows on the calendar. However, brands have to deliver on both ends, engaging in physical events and augmented and virtual inspiring experiences. Therefore, platforms like Runway 360 have been created by the CFDA to enable brands to transition into live shows with digital experiences smoothly. Though physical and online stores hold equal significance for brands, they need to adopt solutions that can help them blur the boundaries between the two.  

Closing Comments-  

To sum up the blog, the fashion industry is transforming, bringing some of the changes extremely swiftly that were earlier unimaginable. The sector was unpredictable and reluctant to accept the increasing need to adopt digital solutions; however, the onset of the pandemic has accelerated the need to comply with the changes and stay relevant in the market. If this seems an overwhelming task to achieve, the t-shirt design online by iDesigniBuy has got your back. Its customization solution coupled with digital features enables apparel brands to crank up the notch and offer novel customer services that will help them flourish in the market. The custom-made tool allows brands to leverage the emerging trends of the fashion industry and stand out from the crowd.  

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