Online Tailoring Design Software Helps Expanding Fashion Market Realms

We know as this pandemic is eradicated from the planet, our lives would be drastically changed, and because of which the business pattern would also evolve. But we need to prepare ourselves so that our lives are not staked again, and we don’t have to revamp our business model again. The online tailoring design software will help you in becoming better equipped with uncertainties of the future with its customization solutions.




In this blog, we will see how startups are adapting to the coronavirus pandemic.


Customization solutions Leads Fashion World into New Trends


Fashion business houses are indeed dealing with unprecedented challenges, and they are looking for innovative solutions that, once implemented, will enable them to accelerate their market growth. One such company is Farfetch Dream Assembly who aims to achieve through its 7-week accelerator program for fashion startups with a proven minimum viable product.


Graduates include Thrift Plus and Good On You, which have gone on to partner on the “Positively Farfetch” sustainability initiative. The accelerator has just announced its fourth cohort, and its intention to deliver the entire program virtually, rather than through meetings in Porto, Lisbon, and London, as it has for previous groups. It could be understood from the recent move that innovation is crucial to create long-term progress in the industry. Therefore, it is the responsibility of more prominent organizations to look after the startups, and as Carol Hilsum, VP of Innovation at Farfetch, puts it, “Early-stage startups always need support to succeed.


The group doesn’t provide solutions to a present challenge only; they are also supporting the SMEs to manage garment production without the need for internal design, garment technology, and sourcing teams.


Scope of Personalization and Digitization Brewing in Fashion Industry


From the above facts and statements, it is appropriate to assume fashion giants must accelerate towards digital design solutions to prepare themselves for the rapidly changing industry. We have to bridge the gap that exists between creative and technical knowledge. It is significant because new 3D design solutions that are being adopted quickly by the industry demand proficiency in both areas. In terms of accelerators, they offer agile startups much needed support to hone their solutions to solve industry problems and are deliverable online—even when pitching for investment.


The fashion industry is changing, and coronavirus pandemic just provided a push across this series. Brands need to accelerate their digital transformation not only for consumer-facing solutions but for design and manufacturing too. Brads must take initiatives as consumer sentiments are changing, driven by tangible climate change and media coverage of social sustainability issues. Though sustainability initiatives are put on hold for now, manufacturers and retailers with basic strategies should sense the difference in the wind flow and increase their speed and focus on digitalization. The manufacturing sector will consolidate, and brands and manufacturers will form strategic partnerships; we are heading for a global recession, so consumers will be more selective over brand choices, but will at the same time be very price sensitive. The challenges are many. However, they can be met with several solutions. Decision-making and action-taking appear to be the next sizeable hurdles for the global fashion industry.


Towards the end, all we can say is that if you are eyeing to achieve the ambitious goals, then the online tailoring design software by iDesigniBuy is a one-stop solution for you. It helps brands to move in the direction of digitization, customization, and sustainability as it allows audiences to personalize their footwear, handbag, luxury products, and apparel.


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