Tailoring Solution Software: A Tool to Fulfill The Demand of Customized Clothes

Today’s era is all about being trendy. Fashion lovers are showing their inclination towards sustainable fashion, which has become an inevitable trend in the fashion world. Many fashion brands have already embraced the spectrum of going green while others are on their way. To adhere to the latest trend, shoppers are willing to put on customized outfits. So, to make the most of the prevailing trend, brands should adopt tailoring solution software.   

Custom clothing design software has the potential to make a massive difference in the eCommerce sector. This is so because fashion is all about trends that can differentiate one from other and customized cloth is the solution. Such customization software can allow your potential customers to design a unique outfit that can set them apart from the crowd.  


Yet, it isn’t easy to find the best tailoring store to design apparel as per the customers’ needs. Every buyer wishes to purchase a stunning outfit of their choice; if they cannot find it, they can create one on your website as digital tailoring software can be easily installed on your website. You would also like to know that around 70% of customers choose to stitch their attire as per their needs.   

Previously, shoppers had to roam around to find the best shop to get their apparels stitched. With advancements in technology, shoppers are looking forward to designing their customized clothes on the online tailoring platform.   

Moving on, you will read about tailoring solution software and its benefits. But before that, let’s read about sustainable and circular fashion; and brands adopting the same.   

Sustainable production & circular fashion – The trend to follow   

Around 90 fashion brands and retailers have already joined the league. Brands from Adidas to Nike, VF Corporation to Lacoste have signed an agreement to the Global Fashion Agenda’s 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment. 

Recently, FashionUnited reported: 

  • Banning exotic animal skins in the collections of all its brands, which include Calvin KleinTommy Hilfiger 


  • China seems to be opening its market soon to beauty brands that don’t test on animals.  


  • Uniqlo, a Japanese casual wear designer, retailer, and manufacturer, became the latest brand to ban alpaca wool. 

And many such brands and countries are taking the initiative to move towards sustainability. Hence, tailoring software can design sustainable fashion for your customers. 

What is custom tailoring software?  

Custom tailoring software is a user-friendly software designed to manage small tailoring stores and big apparel manufacturing units. Brands can manage orders, payments, bills, etc. Tailoring software can allow you as well as your customers to design customized garments with ease. Your clients will receive orders as per their style preferences and measurement.   

Smart tailor software is integrated with augmented reality and virtual reality solutions to create a 3D image design for apparel. This advanced feature allows customers to get the idea of the final designed cloth.   

Benefits of clothing customization software to fulfill the demand for customized clothes 

Belonging to the apparel industry, you cannot ignore the benefits of custom tailoring software. It brings impressive benefits to the table. Let’s check out some of them below:  

User friendly  

The apparel customization software is easy to install on your website. Once done, it can easily be accessed by your customers. Any customers with a little knowledge can design their best outfit. Only they have to be patient to create a stunning design.  

Latest catalog panel    

The digital tailoring software offers the latest catalog panel to let your clients choose the desired designs, cuts, and patterns. You can even personalize the catalog if needed. The best part is that the catalog panel can be regularly updated with the latest designs, cuts, and patterns, making it viable to design trending apparel.  

3D rendering  

Some of the advanced software provides a 3D rendering option. Your customers can easily switch from 2D model to 3D model, giving a 360-degree view of the created clothes. When they are satisfied with the result, they can place an order and even make edits if needed.  

Measurement book  

This feature of the tailoring software manages the measurement details. You can quickly access the dates on which the measurements were taken and other related information. You can also store information of the selected patterns, style, and narrations shared by your customers.  

Notification feature  

It is one of the best features to maintain customer relations. The software shares notifications via SMS or email, informing the order details, payment reminders, delivery information, etc. to the customers. Hence, it boosts customer engagement, resulting in repeat visits.  

Easy maintenance of bills and notes   

The tailoring software maintains every customer-related bill and notes online. It reduces the dependency on paper notes. You can track orders, inventory status, and manage stock of sales items. 

Final words  

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