Transformation of a custom tailoring store to online


The process of choosing a good tailor and then attending back-to-back fitting sessions is very grueling. In the readymade segment, you need to find clothes that are a perfect fit for you, which is a difficult task. All these problems are solved by iDesigniBuy, an online tailoring store. It facilitates users to choose a fabric, complete design as per own choice, and procure the apparel at the doorstep. Custom tailoring solutions have been witnessing a rising demand. This has encouraged several people to begin their own business on a similar model. To know how to transform from a traditional tailoring store to an online store, let us understand the relevant business model.

Product Customization Software


The process of preparation of custom-made apparel inclusive of trousers, shirts, blazers, jackets, business suits, and accessories consists of the following steps: selection of a fabric; selection of a style inclusive of cuffs, buttons, and collars, etc.; measurement submission; and payment and delivery details. After receiving the order and payment, the online store provides the measurement and style details to expert tailors. As per the inputs of the customer, the tailors customize the apparel. After completion of the order, it is shipped to the customer.

Generation of money

Based on the number of orders received, the e-commerce store owner gets money from customers. Moreover, the website can earn additional money from banner ads.

A crucial factor in the transformation to an online store is the development of the website.

Website development

The website must have a neat interface, which facilitates users to explore all the basic features even in the absence of an account. Thus, without signing up, users should be allowed to do the design on the chosen fabric. During the update of the measurements and finalization of the order, sign-in must be mandatory.

Generally, the visitors to such websites are attracted by style, and hence, the home page of the site must have an enticing image with a catchy heading, which provides visitors with a clear idea about the contents of the website.

The upper navigation bar should have the following tabs:

  • How it works?
  • Sign-in/Logon
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Jackets
  • Suits
  • Accessories
  • Offers


On the lower part of the website, you should include a section that describes the various activities on the website. This can be followed by a series of images of the work completed. To engage the visitors on a larger scale, testimonials of clients can be placed. The footer part of the website should include the following:

  • Social media plug-ins
  • FAQ
  • Help section
  • Link to all products


Development of the home page of the website in this fashion is necessary from the user experience perspective. The reason is that the feeling a visitor gets after opening the home page has a direct impact on the conversion.

Inclusion of guides

You should include a style guide that portrays trends by using high-definition pictures. This feature will result in your website becoming a highly sought-after store. You can also create a video guide, which has videos of your various products. This is very important because there is an increasing preference of website visitors for watching the videos. Measurement guides for both men and women are a mandatory section of such a store. These must be concise and in the form of chart views.

A showcase of apparels

This is an outstanding feature that will provide your tailoring software with a superior value as compared with others. The showcase can be made for each type of apparel. The significant features of such a showcase are the following:

  • Images of apparels that are made from the custom orders
  • An option to include or exclude an apparel when a visitor places an order
  • A number of filter options to view the designs as per need
  • A search bar where an apparel number can be typed to view a specific design


An affiliate network

An affiliate program will be helpful to increase the sales and traffic. Your website’s reach will expand rather quickly by use of such a program.


A fresh visitor is bound to have several questions pertaining to online clothing. Thus, this FAQ section must have the answers to all probable queries of the visitor. To enable the visitors to reach the answers easily, this section must be divided into various topics. Moreover, a provision to ask a question if the answer to the query is not found on the existing webpage must be provided.

Tracking the shipment

Online shoppers are eager to know how far their shipment has reached and when are they likely to receive it. For this purpose, it is mandatory to have a shipment tracking feature on the e-commerce store. Because the users can track their products, they will have a sense of trust towards the website. For this, some extra efforts are essential, but the result of those is phenomenal.

Support forum

A special support forum must be a part of your website. Using this forum, users should be able to interact with other users, make their appreciation known, and post queries and complaints. Due to the presence of this forum, users will interact with the website for a longer time. In this way, you will be able to understand your customers in a more precise manner and change your products as per the demand.

Nowadays, social media has become a crucial part of apparel design software. Users should be able to share information with their friends and acquaintances. Thus, a fabric, texture, accessory, and custom design must be shareable on Facebook and Pin it, etc.

By due consideration of all of the above, you can transform your traditional tailoring shop to an online store.