How Tailoring Solutions Can Help Marketing to Gen Z Amid Recession?

Ever since the coronavirus outbroke, fashion brands have found it difficult to establish communication with their customers. Gen Z consumers, loosely defined as those born between 1997 and 2012, represent 40 percent of global consumers. They will account for 40 percent of luxury purchases by 2035.


How can Brands Connect with Consumers During Downtime?


Young people say they acknowledge the critical struggle people face at this moment, but on a personal level, they feel a huge sense of loss. To connect with Gen Z customers right now, brands should engage with them directly through social media activations and marketing campaigns. Most importantly, brands need to come across as genuine in their interactions with customers as well as supportive of the overall cause.


Here are some of the ways fashion houses can reach out to their audiences:

  • Displays Your Brand Value


According to Global Web Index, millennials are the age group of people who are most likely to delay the purchase during the pandemic. Therefore, it is crucial for fashion brands to not only push there but to nurture your community and build brand fidelity. Brands are instead best served right now by demonstrating community support.


In the first DoSomething survey in mid-March, 75 percent of Gen Z respondents said the No. 1 action they wanted to see from brands was that they ensure employee and consumer safety, with 73 percent wanting brands to protect their employees financially. The current scenario implies that fashion enthusiasts expect their favorite brands to offer preventive measures and ensure that they are more sensitive towards people suffering during the calamity.

  • Hear Out Your Community


Chase Buckle, trends manager at GlobalWebIndex, says, “During the pandemic, Gen Z is seeking more connection than ever. Sixty percent of Gen Zers across 17 markets are spending longer on social media during the lockdown.” Engaging them in online communities and giving them a way to play a part in Covid-19 relief efforts can create a positive brand association.




The uncertainty of the situation also means young people want transparency and support. Forty-one percent of Gen Z’s surveyed by GlobalWebIndex feel they don’t have enough information about staying healthy, compared with 31 percent of millennials and 23 percent of Gen Xers. The brands that were proactive in their approach and quickly came to the rescue to support and advice had a strong sense of community already in place, giving the appearance of natural alignment with their existing values.


  • Motivate Customers to Participate


Fashion houses that have successfully managed to promote “stay in and stay fit,” have gained a tremendous amount of attention among Gen Z. The high-end companies should offer a viral challenge to the younger population so that they could create items while feeling like part of a movement. Gen Z is over ten times more likely to be creating and uploading videos during lockdown than any other generation as per the recent statistics.


  • Tap on Buyers Creative Side


As the first digitally native generation, Gen Z is used to shooting content at home for social media and is among the best positioned to reach their peers during this time. As older generations get used to life entirely online and make their first forays into activities like esports, live streaming, and TikTok, brands could consult and empower the Gen Zers. They already know about these platforms and events instinctively. Plus, young people are seeking purpose during the lockdown, so give them the reason.



It’s not that COVID-19 has only impacted the businesses. Instead, it has terrified the consumers as well. They are scared that they are falling behind and are trying hard to optimize this downtime that they didn’t ask for. This is the feeling that brands can tap on and give them a chance to create and cultivate new sides of themselves. The apparel design software by iDesigniBuy offers tailoring solutions that help companies to capitalize on these trends.


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