How is 3d Product Configurator Changing Landscape of the Retail Ecommerce?

For any business to be successful, it needs products and customers that help drive sales and revenue. And to succeed in the ecommerce zone, one has to be extra vigilant to stay intact and know what customers really want and deliver it to them. Product customization comes in handy in such situations where users are allowed to design the items they want to buy with quality. On similar lines, our online product design software works and besides delivers the best customer retail experience. The tool offers innovation and helps fashion and luxury brands venture into and explore new avenues of business.

 Impact On ECommerce Retail With Product Customization

3D Product Configurator Offers Solutions Helping Brands to Stand Out from the Crowd


The sly is the limit for today’s’ customers as they demand more custom-made products. Over the last few years, we have witnessed how much has it drastically changed from personalized mobile cases where people could get texts and images imprinted to fully customized apparel where people have the freedom to become trendsetters. The tailor-made business landscape has evolved so that people pay a little heed to brick-and-mortar stores and seen more on mobile phones or laptops. According to Forbes Magazine, fashion retailers have seen a 37% increase in year-over-year 2018-19 in the number of orders placed on mobile phones, and definitely, this number must have doubled in 2020. It is obvious that mobile phones are becoming a preferred way for fashion shoppers to buy. Websites are no longer the only game in town. Stores need to sharpen mobile marketing.
This blog will elaborate on how ecommerce is impacted by better custom retail products and how it helps companies grow their businesses seamlessly and smoothly.


Here are some pointers illustrating the significance of customized products on business:


  • Meets Dynamic Needs of Customers Through Digital Medium


Today’s customers are widely aware, and therefore, their demands for products are as broad as they could get. It is only customization solutions that can assist brands in meeting the dynamic consumer requirement. The solutions entail simple processes like making online purchase fun and exciting across all platforms. It is unarguable that customer satisfaction is one of the significant prerequisites. In this digital world, it is not just an option but a necessity to survive and grow in the online fashion business. With proper customer service, you can win a lot of business and ensure revenue coming in from the same sources continually and the new customer base.


Consider the case of Ralph Lauren, a leading company in the apparel market, has become a synonym of digital innovation. It recently took the beauty of luxury and reflected it to Americans in the most tasteful and heartfelt way possible. This holiday season, the brand is evolving its on-demand manufacturing experience to include one of its best-selling outerwear pieces – the packable quilted jacket. Using recycled nylon and polyester fabrics, the program reinforces its commitment to protecting the environment and reducing waste.




  • Provides Customized Services in a Short Span 


Most of the world spent their days sitting at home and working remotely this year, and it is time that people collectively realized the necessity of changing their living spaces and interior designs. The people are into renovating, redesigning, and refreshing their personal spaces with bespoke furniture. Because the pandemic has limited our choices in many ways, the appeal of custom, made-to-order furniture and decor has increased significantly. There are brands that provide custom-made furniture for ages, but customers also had to bring in more people to make one beautiful piece. This also meant visiting a brick-and-mortar location. But now, smaller, direct to consumer and online-only retailers are leading the way in this category for both industry and regular consumers alike.


Coley Home’s signature product, The Crown Bed, is a fully-upholstered bed and headboard set that arrives just ten days after purchase. Available in sizes Twin XL, Queen, and King, it’s customizable in a variety of ways. Coley offers six different headboard shapes in traditional, modern, and contemporary styles. From the example mentioned above, it is evident that providing the only customized product is not enough; brands have to on their toes and quick to satisfy the ever-growing customers’ needs.


  • Enhances Customer Loyalty with Ease to Use Interface


Having amazing products is not enough as long as brands don’t have the right customers to target. This essential feature helps to pour in more sales, and with ecommerce, this is no barrier. Many companies have launched their loyalty programs to keep their customers hooked, making it easier for brands to reach out to more customers. Tying up with payment gateways and offering discounts help the customer come back continuously. If your delivery systems are in place, you can surely help retain better customer loyalty with ecommerce. Definitely, the amount of people you can map and reach is much higher than with just a geographically bound situation.


Asos has announced a partnership with the global payment platform Apexx. In the new partnership, Apexx will manage the authorization, optimization, and processing of transactions made through Asos’ Payments Orchestration Layer across several of its European markets. The service will be rolled out in more international locations at a later date.


In a similar tone, our product customization software offers top-notch customization solutions to brands empowering them to allow their customers to select, design, and personalize apparel, footwear, caps, pieces of jewelry, and many other products in just a flash. The tool is well-designed to let fashion brands deliver what customers need and allow them to try out their creativity and bring out the best in them on the fashion canvas through our customization solution.


  • Gets the Right Product for Happier Customer


Information is available abundantly on the internet, and people have too many options for them to choose from, and thus it becomes a challenging task for brands to meet all the demands put forth. Besides, style changes with each passing day, and manufacturing and selling becomes a daunting task to perform. In such scenarios, customization offers the best solutions that not only remove the paradox of choice and allow customers to experiment with their fashion sense.

We all know that shopping is an intuitive process and, therefore, provides a huge scope of personalization to customers to match up to their needs and make a fashion statement. With the help of the latest technology, you can use qualitative and quantitative sales data to inform what you make available. Providing options that fall within your normal production process and don’t worry about accommodating completely custom requests can burden salespeople and operations.


  • Helps Anticipating Future Trends and Demands


As we are talking about the changes brought in by personalization in the ecommerce domain, not discussing how it helps to form future strategies would make less worthy. The latest digitization wave enables brands to improve customer experience and anticipate what they will buy in the future. By storing all the necessary information about their customers, it aids you to analyze and act upon the data you have stored and plan your actions accordingly. Not many brands realize how powerful tools are these customer reviews, social media conversations as a source of understanding the human psyche. Investing in more coordinated digital systems allows brands to gather actionable data, quickly and efficiently test products and marketing campaigns, and adjust them with minimal effort. Running digital tests in retail make it easy to find out which content is most helpful for customers and is a great way to gather actionable data to anticipate future needs.


The apparel retailer H&M has partnered with the online game MyTown to gather and use the information on customer location. If potential customers are playing the game on a mobile device near an H&M store and check-in, H&M rewards them with virtual clothing and points; if they scan promoted products in the store, it enters them in sweepstakes.


The Ball is in Your Court-


From the above facts and examples, it is evident that the sky is the limit for brands who are willing to grab opportunities with both hands. And with efficient service- especially on retail products; you will surely get repeat customers. So, in a way, there is a lot of businesses that can achieve with the help of product customization. The blog has made it evident that retail and custom-made products are two powerhouses that, if integrated, can bring pleasantly unexpected results. With the right steps and the right partners, your business can survive the new digital transition that the world demands and thrive in current challenging scenarios. The custom design software by iDesigniBuy offers robust business solutions to brands helping them to anticipate future trends and implement the right strategy that certainly captures customers’ attention and garners higher revenues. The tool is a boon in a time when customers have become picky and are in no mood to turn their back from it.


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