Backpack Design Software Offers Solutions for Sustainable Growth

Like many other fashion industries, the luxury sector has been hit hard by the COVID-19, but many reports indicated that buyers were still inclined towards buying things, albeit differently. In the last couple of months, we have seen how much people have enjoyed shopping online, and as a result, they have been expecting more from brands in terms of experience, collection line, and many other things. The bags designing software is a step towards enabling brands to meet all the customer’s demands and ensure that brands are comfortable adopting new trends in the modern business model.

 Backpack Design Software Offers Solutions for Sustainable Growth

Backpack Design Software Drives Brands to Adopt Solutions for Nature-Friendliness  


Amid the rising ecommerce shift in the fashion industry, we have also witnessed how some people might be more conscious about where their purchases are coming from and who’s making them; others might be more inclined to spend their money on clothes to wear to work from home for the indefinite future. And the same is applied when they purchase bags. Besides, shoes and handbags mostly depend on leather. And cattle ranching consumes mass quantities of natural resources — from land to water. Traditional leather tanning uses heavy metals, most notably chromium, and the resulting waste is a health hazard. And PVC, another favored component in bag-making, is also an environmental contaminant. If there are any sustainable fashion “investment” buyers should make, it would be a handbag. Sustainable purse and handbag brands often have a minimalist, modern approach to design and are well-crafted, meaning the bags are timeless items that you’ll keep for years, even decades, to come. The new sustainable brands offer products that don’t look something out of place or outdated; whether it is a reliable, everybody cross-body bag, a statement clutch, or a colorful tote that can hold all things, there’s an ethical alternative to suit every need.


The rising concern among consumers is making the transition process even more daunting than it already is. Therefore, luxury brands must leave no stone unturned to capitalize on these sustainable trends. If you are wondering how these changes are influencing your business, you have come to the correct junction where you will get all the necessary information required to outperform your competitors and become a blue-eyed brand in front of your customers.


Let us look at the various advantages for brands that enable them to boost sales even during adverse times: 


  • Brings in Uniqueness 


It would be an understatement to assume that competition is higher only in the fast-fashion. Whereas, the truth is slightly eye-opening for these brands to know that in the sustainable business model, with each passing day, more sustainable companies are launching ways for manufacturing. It shouldn’t come as news to us how the vegan leather industry is constantly innovating to create sustainable alternatives that replicate the texture of leather, minus the environmental impact. From Pinatex’s pineapple leather to solvent-free vegan leather—which uses 95% less water, 50% less energy, and zero chemicals—there are plenty of brands that are using eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan leathers.


Let us consider the case of Leonie Branston, who quit the role of design director of womenswear at Margaret Howell to start her company. Since that moment in 2017, her test has paid off. Ferian, meaning “to carry,” taken from Old English, creates bags and jewelry that are ‘modern and timeless.’ Sustainability and ethical production are of paramount importance. Pieces are made using vegetable-tanned leather and recycled gold in the West Midlands, using handworked saddlery methods. ‘I personally know everyone who makes everything,’ she says. ‘It’s key to feel proud of what you make.


When brands manufacture products that are recycled, re-purposed, or follow ethical practices, they often come in limited editions, enabling them to make their item as distinguished as possible. This is the best opportunity to mark yourself as a brand that brings in uniqueness and offers products that are one-of-a-kind. The bag design software follows a similar path and enables you to let your buyers make their handbags, purses, clutches, or even a backpack in their style. The customization solution brings out the best in your buyers and helps you manufacture products in the best quality with designs never seen before.


  • Scales-Up Brands’ Social Value 


This year has been an eye-opener for brands. They paid the price of being ignorant towards people’s pain. But there were cases where brands showed sympathy and compassion for local workers and gained tremendous respect from buyers. There are plenty of great brands that work closely with artisan craftspeople around the world, creating handbags from locally-sourced materials such as jute, handwoven brocades, raffia, and other traditional fabrics. Not only do these make for vibrant, beautiful bags that celebrate unique traditions across the world, but the brands tapping into the expertise of artisans are also supporting local economies, creating job opportunities for women, and partnering with local charities to give back to the communities they work with.


The empowerment of women is a founding principle of ABLE, an accessories brand based in Nashville. It achieves this by employing and training women as a solution to eradicate poverty, both in the US and in countries like Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, and India, where manufacturing partners produce its handbags. ABLE is also committed to transparency, publishing information on its wages in order to promote radical accountability and honesty with the community. As for its bags, ABLE’s designs are simple and practical, with its generously-sized bags made from raw leather.

  • Establishes Transparency Between Customers and Brands 


Along with working beside local artisans and DIY manufacturers, it also essential for brands to establish ethical values for functioning. These days customers observe things very minutely, and if they see anything is fishy, they might ask questions to brands. If you don’t want to catch up in this loop, it is better that brands prioritize their paying fair wages, create decent working conditions, and produce in a way that reduces their environmental footprint. Brands that work closely with artisan communities or local family-run manufacturers or produce everything in-house are ensuring that attention to detail is paramount. This means they have greater transparency of production and manufacturing, so you can rest assured that they know every link in their supply chain.


Actively putting up your social causes on your website enables buyers to know what you are up to. A good indicator of a transparent business is how much information is easily accessible to customers — if it’s sharing information about the people who make the items, the factories, and materials used, your buyers will know the team values transparency.


A certified B-Corp business, Nisolo is a footwear and accessories brand that has social impact and transparency at its core. Nisolo publishes annual impact reports, sharing in-depth information about every link of its supply chain—from the living wages paid to employees in its Peruvian factories to the codes of conduct agreed upon by its partner manufacturers. The brand also has a partnership with Ecosphere+, protecting the Amazon Basin from deforestation and offsetting its carbon emissions with every product sold. To date, Nisolo has protected 138,180 trees and created hundreds of jobs in Indigenous Peruvian communities.


The Choice is Yours-


From the facts presented above, it is evident that brands are pulling up their socks and adopting such vital measures that help companies to look after their profits as well as the planet. To attain this target, brands will need a fashion-tech company that offers solutions to monitor their business and takes it forward without compromising the environment and revenue. The free handbag design software by iDesigniBuy works in a similar fashion and enables companies to take their business to new heights with its customization and digitization solutions. These modern technologies support a brand in letting their buyers design what and how they want their product to look like and preview it in 3d. It also lets bag manufacturers and retailers ask for a free demo before implementing the tool in their ecommerce storefront.


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