Top-4 Ways Custom Sports Apparel Enables Brands to Rewrite Their Success Stories

As we have seen in the past few months, people’s inclination towards fitness and health is increasing exponentially. It is due to this factor; many brands are complying with the latest trend and offering innovative solutions and services to their customers. But what if they had the opportunity of designing their sportswear in whichever they want. Custom sports clothing is one such customization solution that supports brands in meeting all customers’ dynamic needs by letting them create their fashion sense with marvelous technology, including 3d preview feature. The tool is designed to accommodate various technological innovations that reshape the apparel industry and enable brands to adjust to them in the utmost easy way.

 Top-4 Ways Custom Sports Apparel Enables Brands to Rewrite Their Success Stories

Custom Sports Apparel Offers Solutions that Guarantees Success 


As the year is coming to an end and is at the helm of a new beginning, buyers are thrilled and keeping taps on to know what the fashion industry holds for them. And in the past couple of months, we have seen people are showing signs of wearing athleisure, and fitness enthusiasts are eager to discover what advances the health horizon promises for the year. Within the college and professional sports arenas, stakes continue to rise, and coaches, players, owners, and managers pour funding into technological advances that can help give them a competitive edge. Saying this, it is also true that the competition in this sector is cut-to-cut, and it is challenging for brands to stand out from the crowd. There is a way to gain a competitive edge in the athleisure market where stakes are too high for brands, and they can’t afford to lose it.


Technology is one such guaranteed investment that never disappoints the stakeholders and allows them to propel in the fashion business. Important technology trends are taking the sports world by storm. Technology is here to stay from helping millions of people improve their fitness efforts to transform professional and collegiate programs into powerhouses. But how it is solving these problems is yet another fact that needs to be figured out.


Here are a few technological trends we expect to make the largest impact in the sports world:


  • People Engaging in Exercise Everyday 


The healthy lifestyle trend has evolved beyond diet culture as self-care transitions from a luxury to a necessity for consumers. Combined with the $4.2 trillion global wellness industry, this lifestyle shift is no passing trend. Yoga apparel is now a staple at traditional sportswear retailers such as Adidas, Under Armor, and New Balance who continue to grow their investment in this category over time.

The new trend of practicing yoga is gaining huge traction from people belonging to all walks of life. This is the primary reason that accelerates the growth of the athleisure sector. Due to this factor, many brands across the USA and the UK market prove this category’s consistent momentum and the phasing of investments. While activewear trends are hyped up in January to support consumers’ new year’s fitness resolutions, the majority of yoga apparel has consistently arrived online in Q3 over the past two years. This is something for retailers to bear in mind when promoting summer fitness communications.


  • Sustainability Dominating the Production 


For many years the apparel industry has been the primary cause of environmental pollution. The products that brands made, the amount to the dumping of the clothes, the seasonal fashion trends, and many other factors contributed to up-scaled environmental degradation. But as the consumers are increasingly aware of the brands’ activities and responsible for what they buy and whom they purchase from is becoming crucial for them. Therefore, the time has come for brands to completely revamp their production process and adopt strategies that change the apparel industry’s entire perception.


Technical features and fabrications are paramount, which typically does not traditionally categorize sportswear as eco-friendly. This means there is an opportunity for retailers to innovate with more sustainable practices and materials. Just a few weeks into 2020, repurposed materials are at the forefront, with new activewear arrivals described as ‘recycled’ up 642% for men and 388% for women YoY.


Similarly, the custom sportswear comes with a build-in digitization feature that enables brands to let their customers design athleticwear in the way they like. Besides, its 360-degree preview allows your customers to view the designed products in 3d. With all these features, it is easier for brands to comply with sustainability standards and show their buyers that they care for nature and consumers.

  • Inclusive Size Expanding Business Horizons 


Another criticism the apparel retailers and manufacturers have faced over the past few years is that they are not inclusive. They produce clothes for slim people, and thin is beautiful, which led to offending the buyers of colors, size, and ethnicity. Thus, it is observed that many brands are expanding their horizons by becoming more inclusive in terms of size and color. And sportswear is no different from this trend. Inclusive sizing will continue to see representation in the activewear market this year, not just in products but also in advertising. The recent UK campaign, This Girl Can, has set the bar high for realistic sports promotion in 2020. The advert, which launched on January 14th, marks its fifth anniversary and has already gone viral. It features a diverse group of women exercising while combating everyday issues seen as “taboo” on screens, such as dealing with visible tampon strings and period pain.


In fact, The South Tyrolean Oberalp Group is a heavyweight in the outdoor market with its brands Salewa, Dynafit, Wild Country, Evolv, and Pomoca. With the newly founded mountain sports brand LaMunt, initiator Ruth Oberrauch wants to focus solely on women. This is a first because this kind of target group focus is rare in mountain sports.

Last month, the Oberalp Group presented the new mountain sports brand on the occasion of its “Oberalp Convention” – the name of the group’s international sales meeting, which of course had to take place digitally in these times.


  • Combative Prices Leading the Way for Sportswear Brands 


Providing innovative and ground-breaking services to consumers whenever they demand costs brands’ revenues. As a result, they have to keep the prices high to earn functional capital. Additionally, in rising competition, brands sometimes compete with low prices, and in that process, they have to compromise with the quality, which is not acceptable to buyers. And eventually, the brand value falls.

Traditional non-active brands continue to launch products at accessible price points, in line with their existing categories. While sportswear retailers may be tempted to drop their prices to compete in this playing field, Lululemon has seen success without having to compromise margin. The activewear giant is known for high but consistent price points and minimal discounting even during sales, recently announced positive third-quarter growth last year, as well as a record-breaking holiday period.




The Ball is in Your Court- 


The blog is an attempt to let the fashion houses know what is happening in the sportswear domain and how they can make the most of the current situation. As the fitness inclination and work from home continue to grow, brands must bank on these trends and adopt strategies to take their business to new heights. Brands should talk about the elephant in the room and discuss with fashion-tech companies how they can improve their business model and meet the requirements set by their buyers. The custom team apparel online by iDesigniBuy is one such fashion-tech solution that enables apparel brands and sportswear companies to gain momentum in the fashion business. Its customization solutions enable brands to stand out from the crowd and drive their growth from where there is no turning back.


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