Customizable and Personalization Of Fashion Industry


We are living an ear where brand loyalty is very low and demands are going higher, which validates why product customization has taken off.  Buyers can create their own Brooks Brothers suits, Nike sneakers, Longchamp bags, Burberry trench coats and many others.

Apparel Design Software


A sense of designing your own product is appealing to shoppers and according to survey people are ready to pay extra for customization services. And this is enough for brands who doubt on the potential in personalization. Brands expect that personalization will create a connection between a shopper and the product created by them. There are many well-established companies as well as startups are trying to hold their feet in the customization market.


Also, there are other organizations who hesitate to enter the personalization market as they are scared that it is not a long-term opportunity. But, according to the research, customization is the future of the retail market. The advancement in technology such as computerized lathes, 3D printing, product customization tool and the ability to screen-print on leather and tile, are facilitating manufacturers to inexpensively and quickly customize products. Currently, these developments are at the initial stage, but have huge advantages for all sizes of corporations.


Benefits of Product Customization


  • Feedback Loop: While customers design their item based on their needs and requirements, it gives a great insight for sellers to know more about their buyers. If find a pattern among their buyers, then the seller can take it up and enhance the product.


  • Word of Mouth Marketing: Word-of-mouth is the best marketing for any product and the best way to grab the attention of new customers. As customers spend their time to customize their product to meet their tastes, they share it via social channels. This practice helps brands to gain higher exposure to the market than regular marketing activity.


  • Clear Communication: Gap of communication is a common issue in business, which makes it difficult to understand what the customer is looking for. With the help of online product customization software, you can give customers an option to create their own product that offers a great customer satisfaction.


Trending Technology for Product Customization

  • Virtual Reality: We mostly relate Virtual Reality to the mobile and gaming space. But, an ecommerce app is also a virtual store in your mobile and laptop. Combining an ecommerce with the power of VR, business owners can not only deliver a real time shopping experience to their customers but can also combine it with customization.

Points to Remember While Implementing Product Customization

  • Easy To Design: Few risks involve in offering product customization option. As a merchant, you should ensure that you provide the easy-to-use, customer friendly platform for customers to design their products. If users find it hard to use or if they are confused with options they might lose interest and look for other options. Make sure you choose the best product customization software for your ecommerce business.


  • Cost Factor: When businesses look to offer customized solutions, they might misestimate the price factor. Especially in business to business deals, every penny is important. Hence, it is highly recommended that the companies should be clear about their product cost and value proposition.


We are living in the world of an experiential economy where every user wants to be treated as special and embraced. Businesses that invest in offering such experience are stand out from the crowd and stay ahead in the industry.