How Facemask Customization Enables Brands to Expand Their Production Line?

Fashion is an interpretation of the moment. Whatever is happening at this point in time will directly affect how the fashion of the period would. These days we all are witnessing a peak in rising cases of coronavirus patients, and we don’t have any medicine ready to cure or prevent the spread of the virus. Many experts have suggested facemask as the preventive measure to contain the spreading of the virus, and several fashion brands have come up to manufacture face covers. Likewise, our custom fashion mask enables brands to let customers design their face covers that will be trendy as well as promote health tips to people who are still reluctant to wear it.

How Facemask Customization Enables Brands to Expand Their Production Line1


Facemask Customization Helps Readapting Production Line 


It appears that universal masking was the critical intervention that turned around transmission in today’s time. Of course, there are confounders. Other responses were taken both in hospitals and in the community at the same time — things like canceling elective procedures, restricting visitors, and canceling non-essential business travel. A report published in May by ABC news highlighted that how two sick hair-stylists working at a Great Clips hair salon exposed over 100 people to SARS-CoV-2. On the other side, a recent complete investigation published in the CDC’s Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report found that none of the 139 persons exposed developed COVID-19. The most likely reason: both the hair-stylists and 98% of clients wore masks.

By now, it must be clear to fashion icons why it is significant to wear masks. It is also true that fashion brands have helped many hospitals and community services by manufacturing N-95 covers to reduce the virus’s cases.



Let’s now understand how customized facemasks can transform business model:


  • Readapt the Production Line


Prada mobilized faster when the hospitals asked the fashion houses to manufacture face covers instead of apparel. The company workers were able to produce 80,000 medical overalls and 110,000 masks at the firm’s Montone factory in Perugia, with additional support from external Italian suppliers. The label confirmed that it was able to develop a sample, purchase the raw material, and readapt the production line within just one week.

The fastening of supplying products to the desired destination with efficiency shows that the fashion industry has the flexibility and can quickly adopt new production lines. To do so, not a single brand had to get rid of the already produced products or open a new factory to manufacture mouth covers; it was all done in one place in the same way they provide any other fashion product.

If all this seems daunting to you, you can invest in technology that will help to manufacture covers with ease. The face mask custom design can be implemented on the company’s website to allow its buyers to create their fashionable facemasks without having to disturb its current product line.

  • A Way to Become Visual Symbol


While many fashion brands are producing masks for sale—including many that created resort and men’s spring 2021 collections this summer—has not yet found its way into mainstream fashion imagery. Most collections we featured centered on homebound life or pure escapism, they adhered to a true runway format in which guests wore masks, but models did not. Meanwhile, in real life, as COVID-19 continues to spread in the United States and abroad, the cover is becoming the visual symbol of our times.

  • Optimism Will Lead to Victory 


It is quite evident that, to this date, protection is crucial as no country in the world is successful in manufacturing vaccines or medicines for the virus. In such cases, brands must include the production of protective clothes, whether rethinking the silhouette to incorporate a mask and gloves or developing new performance fabrics. However, many brands like American Rhino and Ariat have already included selling the covers on their websites.


The Final Discission is Yours-


With masks becoming a health must, it would be interesting how fashion houses are going to include in their production line, whether of their design or a simple surgical style. As many experts believe that at least in the near future, people can be pictured wearing masks, and therefore brands must start putting this into their content. On a similar notion, customized masks by iDesigniBuy help fashion companies manufacture customized masks to enable their customizers to design their unique mouth covers that depict their fashion sense and inspire others to do the same.

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