Fashion Design Software: Enabling Brands For Gender Inclusive Apparel

Gender neutral or unisex products have long been making a lot of noise in the fashion market, but retailers don’t seem to understand the concept and what it means for consumers. But over time, clothing brands have gradually followed suit and developed different styles of clothing to meet these demands. Another way to get around this is to allow customers to take full responsibility for what they want to do through a customization solution. Our fashion design software embodies the best in branding techniques so as to increase market reach and penetrate Gen Z’s heart. This tool is well-equipped to meet your customers’ suggestions and make their purchases memorable.

Clothing design software that allows brands to enjoy inclusive fashion:

Neutrality or fluidity gender, as some call it, has invaded our culture for a long time. Hence, people reject the old idea of ​​dividing clothes into men and women. You have moved from today’s binary gender identity to gender inclusion. Lately we have received a lot of inquiries about gender-neutral fashion and fashion and want to offer a one-stop service for brands that are at the intersection of gender mainstreaming and sustainability.

According to the Mckinsey report, fashion brands recognize that their demand now is for inclusion and sustainability, values ​​that Gen Z prefers over any other generation. With how slow it is to adopt gender subtleties, brands are realizing that retail space is needed to attract Gen Z shoppers. The facts show that new trends have the potential to be fashion store breakthroughs, but understanding how changing trends can benefit labels and consumers is also important.

Here are some of the benefits of including gender-neutral clothing:

• Cross buying creates inclusion

Everyone knows that today’s buyers are more expressive and never shy to speak up. The inclusion of fashions is an environment in which they can actually express themselves more convincingly. The true pioneer of the gender neutral space, Rob Smith, started the Phluid project in New York in 2018 to create neutral clothing and an inclusive community for gender neutral customers.

In fact, many brands, including Zara, Adidas, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Haider Ackerman, and Moda Operandi, offer same-sex collections. In particular, a number of new brands such as Agender and Rebrand have emerged to attract consumers who do not wish to be labeled as male or female fashion.

Likewise, digital fashion pro, customization solutions, allow brands to meet customers’ need for inclusion as they are free to design their clothes. With this tool, clothing stores can allow your users to dress however they like.

• Gender instability equates to better attitudes from modern buyers

In a 2020 survey, Vice Media found that up to 41% of Generation Z respondents identified as gender neutral. Research shows that modern shoppers don’t want to be tied down in gender-specific clothing. That way, they are free, and they assess brands that are taking steps to ensure they meet those requirements. It’s time for fashion manufacturers and retailers to move beyond boxes and binaries. Shoppers ignore clothing labels and gender categories and buy products outside of their gender or cross-purchase products.

When luxury retailer Browns opens its East London front office at Shoreditch, a gender-neutral retailer is a natural choice. In Brown’s flagship Mayfair, Peterson has noticed that women want to get into the men’s section, but only a small number of men bother with women’s clothing.

Summing up:

From the facts and figures above, it can be seen that gender neutral trends must be maintained and, in a sense, only side with clothing brands. Because now they can produce clothes that are not and are not limited to one gender. In addition to this trend, customization is another way of meeting this need and attracting customers. iDesigniBuy’s 3D clothing design software is a step forward for any business that is ready to take the buyer one steps further towards clothing, including skirts. With powerful tools, users can create their own fashion styles and become trend setting in the clothing market.

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