Furniture Configurator Enabling Brands Leap in the Ecommerce Era

In the last decade, we have seen some giants leaps technology took and how it has completely disrupted the way we function and communicate with others. A lot has evolved from transportation to finance, and manufacturing and interior design aren’t lagging either. Veterans in the industry and industrial design enthusiasts have noticed a gradual increase in new materials and technologies being integrated into the design process. Technology has not only changed how we manufacture products, but what we manufacture them with. Our furniture design software is here for all those brands who are willing to make the most of technology and offer their buyers a chance to design their dream house as per their vision.


Furniture Configurator Aids Luxury Brands to Provide Interesting Products to Buyers


The online industry has increased by leaps and bounds, thanks to ever-evolving cloud space and artificial intelligence. When technology and product design unite, they give birth to some cool patterns that include chairs, tables, sofas, and that too all as per customers’ choice and comfortability. Nobody wants to step out to buy even the smallest thing too complicated furniture. Ecommerce, along with innovative technology, can help buyers shop from the comfort of their home, browse through various products, select the pattern of preference, and try to implement the same on their work.


Let us see how advanced technology has helped brands to revamp their product line:

  • The Changing Definition of Customization 


The meaning of the term “custom” has evolved over the past years. Sometimes back, it meant modifying some patters or dimensions in the furniture, but this change has changed since the last decade. It meant to specify an alteration here or a finish there. Today, customization takes on a whole new definition as designers look to create unique and inspiring spaces and turn to custom furniture pieces to secure that one-of-a-kind space that truly speaks to its occupants. And with technology, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and chatbots, ready to take the front seat, the brands have even less to worry about customization. Brands like Orangebox, a UK based furniture manufacturer, published a case study on this as part of their Smartworking research. Claiming that low battery anxiety is a real problem, the design team of this brand made sure to include power and data outlets in their soft seating ranges as well.



  • New Designs Driving Demand 


As adding a residential look to a commercial space becomes the new normal, customization has reached a new peak. Offices where people go to work have transitioned their workspaces to give it a feel of home and comfort. The workplace is shifting to accommodate a more livable environment that pairs the comforts of home with the ability to get work done. And here, with the latest technology, your buyers can easily select their choice of furniture and can also experiment with the configuration of individual elements of the decor. The furniture design software online makes it possible for brands to allow their buyers to make decisions about styles, colors, and types of fronts, handles, or countertops they want on their tables, chairs, and whatnot.



  • Technology Smoothing the Customization Process 


From both a timeline and cost perspective, customization has been more efficient, mainly due to technology use. And Besides, technology also helps build a personalized customer experience to expand buyers base in the ecommerce world. In the period of Instagram and Pinterest, individuals invest energy refining their preferences. Customers have access to various ideas, and it is a dream come true for manufacturers. Access to customers’ recently viewed pictures online, manufacturers can offer choices to their clients.


Make a Well-Informed Decision-

Towards the end of the blog, all we can say is that the advancement of technology has offered various opportunities to the brands who wish to encash the trend. The tech-savvy buyers show an inclination towards brands that can provide top-notch technology, the latest designs, and unique customer experience. If you are willing to be a part of a growing economy, ask for a free demo of furniture design software by iDesigniBuy and embark upon the adventurous journey. Let your customers express themselves with novel ideas and help them in building their dream home.


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