How Can Footwear Brands Scale-up Sustainable Business with Design Shoes Online?

Shoes have always been a breadwinning staple for many brands, and it is one sector that ensured the inflow of cash even during times of crisis and shutdowns. The footwear industry has always been customers’ favorite as it offers a wide range of choices to consumers with its cheeky informal styles and sophisticated formal styles. Therefore, brands operating in the footwear sector have always ensured that they are up-to-date and offer products to buyers that are aligned with their needs. And our custom shoe designing takes the notion a step closer towards creating digital solutions and enables brands to practice sustainability. The tool is developed to help shoe manufacturers and retailers to check their production and create products required by consumers. 

Design Shoes Online Enabling Brands to Embrace the Latest Changes in the Footwear Industry 

Last year we saw how the retail sector’s landscape shifted from brick-and-mortar stores to a digitally advanced website that is well equipped with the latest technology. This change has positively impacted the business and accelerated the revamping process that brands were struggling with. As physical stores around the globe close their doors following governmental restrictions due to the pandemic, many are set to remain closed for good. However, one thing is certain for the physical stores that they remain shut for some time, but there is nothing that can beat the experience of walking into the store and buying stuff from there. Therefore, what most of the brands have done is that they have incorporated the feel of physical stores to focus on the profits and strike a balance with nature.  

The rising concern among the population regarding the brands’ operations has always been a bone of contention, and therefore, to remain relevant and continue serving buyers, manufactures and retailers need to adopt digital strategies that not only ensure increased revenue and but also maintain balance with the environment. In an increasingly digital world where customer experience and how they perceive your brand are vital, it is significant for the latter to comply with today’s customers’ needs and improve their brand value. Many shoe selling companies are adopting various strategies that benefit them and their audience to attain this target. In case you are wondering how they are keeping up with demands, you have come to the right destination; as in the current blog, we shall look at their success stories. 

Here are a few ways how biggies in the footwear industry are scaling up their business:   

  • Using Regenerative Material 

For many years many experts in the fashion industry have been emphasizing the significance of using reusable materials, but a little heed was paid to these claims and continued manufacture fast-fashion. However, rising awareness among buyers has forced brands have become more conscious of what they are producing and selling. And the latest company to join the league is Timberland as it expands regenerative leather footwear offering for its consumers. 

The footwear company has added a new range of eco-conscious hikers to its collection using regenerative leather as part of its commitment to its products to have a net positive impact on nature by 2030.  The step taken by the brand has applauded by many as regenerative practices mimic nature, enabling the land to pull carbon out of the atmosphere, where it’s not wanted, and efficiently store it in the ground, rebuilding the structure of the soil and leading to healthy, hydrated, fertile ground, explains Timberland, which in turn results in net positive impacts for the land and the farmers.  

Our design your own sneakers online, a customization solution that allows brands to manufacture only what is demanded by their consumers. The software comes with built-in digital solutions that enable brands to enhance their sustainability efforts.  

  • Joining Forces with Others  

Stepping into a new zone is always daunting. Therefore, it is always advisable to form partnerships with companies that hold some expertise in the field. These days achieving sustainable measures is relatively easier for brands because of the advancement in technology. And if you are a newbie, joining hands with other experts will do wonders for your brand value. For example, Vans, one of the leading names in the footwear industry, has joined forces with luxury multi-brand omnichannel retailer The Webster. The partnership is initiated to launch a limited capsule box featuring a pink tropical floral print from the 60’s and 70’s time period. Besides, the profit company earns from the sale will go to Friends of the Everglades, a non-profit charity dedicated to preserving the Everglades, key to both the survival of native wildlife and clean drinking water for almost all of Central Florida.  

These community measures help brands improve their image and show the people that they are always about profit. These small steps create a sense of loyalty among buyers as they know their favorite brand is doing community service and someone has got their back.  

  • Reusing Materials Help Brands Save Planet  

As mentioned above, for many years, brands have been trying to adopt measures that balance their needs as well as of the Earth’s and buyers. And some of them have been successful in achieving this goal. Adidas has been a prominent name that ensures all of its products, especially the sneakers, are made with recycled material. Therefore, recently as a part of its many initiatives, the company has started to develop products derived from natural or recycled materials; the sporting giant announced a new collection made from ocean plastic.  

Similarly, Japanese sporting brand Asics announced the release of its most environmentally sustainable footwear collection to date that uses five tons of recycled textile waste equivalent to 25,000 t-shirts to create new shoes. 

The Choice is Yours- 

From the examples presented above, it is evident that changes brought in the footwear industry are here, and many leading brands are complying with these changes. The companies that fail to recognize the changing landscape in the footwear industry will fall fat. And if you don’t want to be in this category, you must implement the customize shoes by iDesigniBuy. The software is designed to enable brands to grapple with the ongoing transitions in the sector and prepare them better to embrace the forthcoming changes.  

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