Integrating Apparel Design Software: A smart step for apparel manufacturers

Looking towards the recent study by an independent agency, “web sales are rising fastly every year. It is the sixth year in which the online web sales has got the best move and increased by 17% or more. This is something every sector is going through regarding growth and apparel industry is also a part of that. People are getting attracted towards online shopping for apparels and providing customization options is one of the best strategy owners can opt to keep your customer updated in trends. Integrating High-end clothing software will help in initiating the customers by offering various personalization options for their apparel.

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The online apparel customization trend has been grown critically over the decade, on almost all levels of eCommerce, right from solo operators to multinational manufacturers. Moreover, this attracts the customers of all ages. Some are looking forward to bargain from company and negotiate with keeping the price low having no brick and mortar presence. Well, others are ready to pay a premium, for their taste of men and women’s fashion.

The rapid increase in the orders of apparel customization has made the buyers hungry for personalized apparels. While to experience such goods online is not disruption the retail industry, makes it clear that apparel companies are developing new and innovative ideas to target audience beyond traditional brick and mortar experience.

Some retailers and apparel manufacturer have latched on the luxury trend of customization fit, with the help of customers’ measurement online for producing the garment as per their size and specifications. Moreover, with the help of menu options that are combined in numerous ways, will lead to creating unique finished products.

iDesigniBuy product customization solution fits perfectly for you no matter you are a wholesaler or apparel manufacturer who has a high-end website offering apparel’s online.

Here are the features of apparel design software that will help in getting an edge over competitors:

  1. All browsers compatibility: The most important thing one needs to see about your clothes designer software is its compatibility across all mobile browsers. Any flaw in the software in the browsers can impact adversely to your eStore business. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google, Bing, etc. are few browsers one need to check and do the test run. Apart from that, you have to ensure that the product design software works efficiently on various devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile.


  1. Social media sharing and login: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that people across the globe are addicted to social media nowadays. People are always online, so it is easier for them to login directly from their respective social media account. Try offering direct login rather than going with complete process of sign-up. One can also initiate with right share buttons for the apparel customized by end users. This can help in getting more subscribers and people by sharing the creativity by the customers on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


  1. Proper integration with ecommerce platform: – It is essential for the product design software to work flawlessly no matter which eCommerce platform (Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, etc.) you have used to make your eCommerce website. For this reason, it is a great idea to select a product customizer that is developed primarily for the technology platform on which website is being developed. For example, if you owe Magento eCommerce website, you must do well to opt Magento product designer for such.


  1. Multiple language support: If you are looking forward to expanding your business across the globe, the very first thing one need to do is to empower apparel customizations with multiple language support. You can do this through multi-language support tool which changes the desirable inputs of front-end interface and back-end interface as per your preferred language(s). Look upon the local languages of the significant countries and the regions you wish to target your business.


  1. Quality output: For maintaining the quality of the output of the product those customers are seeking for, it’s largely important that print you are availing is of high quality. And for that, you need to assure that your software provides best outputs of the personalized products. If the final output is already of the best quality, there will be no need of hiring a dedicated designer for doing editing before the final delivery output.


  1. Multiple product options: – One of the rationales, why consumer look for online shopping for personalized apparels is that they find a large variety of products in one place. Allow your customers with so many options to select from. Your product customization software must ensure that all the products that are available for customization in the gallery. It should be accessible to every consumer easily. So, proper and brief instructions to be provided on how one can design specific products.


So, after discussing the features of the online apparel design software, it is very much clear that as a wholesaler or apparel manufacturer, you have to very specific about the features you choose while purchasing the software. We, at iDesigniBuy, have the best team of software developers who are highly experienced in a significant domain and deliver the software as per the need and requirement of the business. For more info drop us a mail at