7th Annual New York Fashion Week Gala To Be Held On 12 Feb, 2020


The Carol Galvin Foundation will be hosting it’s 7th annual New York Fashion Week Gala on February 12, 2020 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM at Rumi Event Space, 229 West 28th Street, NY,NY 10001. Tickets for the event begin at $50 and can be purchased on Eventbrite.

The foundation raises funds to provide women battling cancer an opportunity to be a rock star for a day and to focus on themselves as they face their very difficult health crisis.

The Carol Galvin Foundation was established by her son, New York City firefighter, Rick Galvin, who lost his mother to cancer at age 11. Carol’s battle with cancer lasted four years. Because of his youth and the stress of watching a loved one die, Rick was not at his mother’s bedside on the night she passed. The guilt over not being there has haunted him ever since.

Said Galvin, “As the years went by I struggled with the fact that I wasn’t there when my mom passed. I needed, and wanted, to make it up to her but I had no idea what to do. Instead I drank to hide the pain and to try to forget. When I became a New York City firefighter I decided to participate in fundraising runs held by various cancer organizations. I would run in my full firefighter gear as a way to punish myself while showing support to those who battle cancer every day. I was glad to be able to raise funds and bring attention to those organizations, but I realized that I wanted to do more.

“My mother was the type of woman who would put the needs of her family ahead of her own. I wanted to establish a foundation that would keep her memory alive and at the same time help other women like her. I wanted to give women battling cancer a night where they would be treated like a rock star. To walk the red carpet, speak, perform or just attend an event where they could feel the support of, not only their loved ones, but complete strangers as well. I also wanted to be able to provide them with a financial gift to pay their bills or take a trip or whatever they wanted to use it for. That is exactly what the Carol Galvin Foundation New York Fashion Week Gala does.”


This year the gala will feature headlining designers:

Sarah Minverni- an American fashion designer whose line, SIRS, features lingerie designed to spread confidence by making women around the world feel beautiful;

Qaysean – a celebrated fashion designer who created the luxury street wear brand Manikin Mob. His nickname “The one hand sewing man” evolved organically because of his ability to cut and sew gowns, tuxedos and outwear with one hand. He has been seen on VH1’s Basketball Wives/Season 3 Love & Hip Hop. He is sponsored by comedian and actress Sommore of One Thousand Kisses Inc., an entertainment group affiliated with comedian Sommore;


Avadora Mimouni – an international fashion model and designer of luxury, one of kind purses for the Avadora Mimouni Collection.

Other notables are:

Ivonne Camacho, CEO, Creative Director and founder of Absolute Moderne, a PR company which specializes in luxury website and leading edge online media/ branding and VIP events in New York, Paris and Los Angeles, who will be accompanied by Models of Philanthropy – Mitzi Perdue, Rita Cosby, Janel Tanna – Miss Honduras 2019 (Miss Universe), Cassandra Seidenfeld and Carissa Lawson who will walk for Avadora Mimouni.


The event will be hosted by Rick Galvin the founder of The Carol Galvin Foundation who has been honored by the NY Islanders as a hometown hero. Rick also runs a music entertainment company, CG Talent Management, which has two movies in the works and has worked with past celebrities such as Garrett Clayton/Elias Harger/Meredith O’Connor/Krista Allen/Brian Austin Greene and many more.


Musical performances and appearances by:

Frank A. Haye & Brooklyn International Choir: Performing 2 original songs and two covers one from pop star Meredith O’Connor & The other from the Greatest Showman soundtrack.

Sid Rosenberg co-host of The Bernie and Sid in the Morning Show on 77 WABC in New York City, will host the VIP hour and will be presented with an award for his unwavering support of The Carol Galvin Foundation.

Cindy Grosz is a columnist and radio show personality. She cohosts on The Jersey Joe Show

Aaron Paul British Recording Artist and Style Arbiter Aaron Paul will be performing during the 530-630 VIP hour.



Sarah is an American designer that is launching her new lingerie line SIRS. Her goal is to create designs that women from all around the world can feel confident and beautiful in.


Qaysean Designer of Manikin Mob:

A celebrated designer who created a luxury streetwear brand called Manikin Mob. His nickname is “The one hand sewing man” evolved organically because of his ability to sew gowns/suits/tuxedos/streetwear with one hand. He turned his disability into a superability. He has been featured on shows such as VH1’s Basketball Wives and season 3 Love & Hip Hop. He is sponsored by actress/comedian and producer Sommore who’s company is One thousand kisses inc.



Avadora is an international model & designer of her namesake line Avadora Mimouni collection. A one of a kind luxury purse collection.



Ivonne is the CEO and president of AbsolutModerne which is a pr firm that specializes in luxury websites & leading edge online media branding & VIP events. She has held such events around the world including NYC/Paris/Los Angeles. Her company comes on as one of our main sponsors.


The models of philanthropy were created by Ivonne Camacho & Lorraine Silvetz which brings together a collection fo strong/powerful and beautiful women that believe in giving back and helping others in many different areas. These women will be walking for Avadora Mimouni’s collection.

Rita Cosby:

Rita is one of the most recognized and respected broadcasters in America. She is a renowned Emmy-winning TV host, veteran correspondent and multiple best selling author, who anchored highly rated primetime shows on Fox News Channel and MSNBC. She currently does frequent hosting on HLN/CNN and is a special correspondent for the top-rated CBS syndicated newsmagazine Inside Edition. Heralded as one of the Most Influential Women in Radio since 2014 by Radio Ink magazine, she was selected as Legend of the Year for 2018, chosen among all women on and off air in the radio industry. Throughout her illustrious media career, Rita has secured some of the biggest interviews, including exclusives with more than twenty world leaders, including six U.S. Presidents.

Mitzi Perdue:

Mitzi Perdue holds a BA with honors from Harvard University and an MPA from the George Washington University.

She is a past president of the 35,000-member American Agri-Women. She’s also a former syndicated columnist for Scripps Howard and her column, The Environment and You, and in the 1990s, was the most widely-syndicated environmental column in the country.

Her television series, Country Magazine, was syndicated to 76 stations. She’s the founder of CERES Farms, the second-generation family-owned vineyards that sell wine grapes to wineries such as Mondavi, Kendall-Jackson, Bogle, Folie a Deux, and Toasted Head.

Mitzi combines the experiences of three long-time family businesses. Her father Ernest Henderson co-founded the Sheraton Hotel Chain and her late husband Frank Perdue was the second generation in the poultry company that today operates in more than 50 countries. She herself founded CERES Farms in 1974.

She became part of anti-human trafficking efforts after hearing a talk on how we can rescue and rehabilitate victims of trafficking.

Janel Tanna:

Janel Tanna is an actress, occasional producer and screenwriter who, just four years into her career, has appeared in more than twenty projects. She has won 16 acting awards at various film festivals, plus two writing awards. She has also received an additional 10 acting nominations. Not bad for someone who almost never went down the path of acting, which she had often daydreamed about, but life seemed to have other plans.

“It was just fate,” Janel says of becoming an actress. She had gone to New York City for some work interviews and to visit some college friends. On a whim, she put an application together for The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. She said, “I got accepted the day after I went in for the interview component, and they were very encouraging.”

Frank A. Haye & Brooklyn International Choir
“We believe the power of music transcends our cultural, political, financial, and religious differences to expose that which we truly share: faith, hope, and love,” says Frank A. Haye, BIC’s Founder, Artistic Director, and Conductor.

With that thought in mind, Haye and BIC venture out to places of worship/interfaith/peace gatherings, concert halls, rock/jazz/blues venues, music festivals, fashion shows, movie screenings, art galleries, disaster relief benefits, green/ecological events, clubs, schools, hospitals, shelters, transit hubs, expos/conventions, plays, rallies, weddings, tributes, street fairs, and community/private events. From abroad in Italy, Egypt, China, and Haiti, and domestically at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, Prospect Park, Central Park, The National Black Theater, & St. Patrick’s Cathedral, BIC has uplifted audiences with gospel, inspirational, classical, popular, and world music.ck.


Aaron Paul

Recently quoted by “The Image Guru” Montgomery Frazier (Pop-culture Visionary Celebrity Stylist & former Fashion Director at MTV) ….British Recording Artist and Style Arbiter Aaron Paul is a HAUTE-ASS POPSTAR with style and swagger as only the Brits can SERVE and a sound and style all his own; one part androgyny, one part Prince, and one part Grace Jones, a totally #uniquebybrid package!

Sid Rosenberg is known for his controversial and sarcastic humor. He is the co-host of The Bernie and Sid in the Morning Show and is a sports reporter hosting “Sid Sports Sunday” on 77 WABC in New York City.

Cindy Grosz is a columnist and radio show personality. She cohosts on The Jersey Joe Show on WOR710AM AM during the summer months. She has covered fashion and celebrities for several NYFW seasons. She has been recognized for her dedication and volunteering by several organizations in New York over the past few years.

The Carol Galvin Foundation raises money to support women battling cancer. The foundation provides the women with a night of glamour, excitement and acclamation during New York Fashion Week. The foundation also provides monetary donations to women battling cancer so they can focus on themselves. It is our responsibility to support those who are battling with cancer. iDesigniBuy in this segment offers end to end apparel customization solution that can help design the customized apparel so that your customers too can contribute to the noble cause.


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