Adidas Launches Innovative Period-Proof Tights

June 15, 2021– Sportswear giant Adidas has unveiled TechFit Period Proof tights, supported by a global marketing campaign called Stay in Play.

The new product is designed with absorbent layers to protect against period leaks and stains when worn with a tampon, pad, or menstrual cup.

Kim Buerger, senior product manager at Adidas’ women’s apparel division said in a statement: “We started designing the product from the inside out. We knew that the tights should be comfortable and breathable, but above all, they had to obey the objective of helping to protect against stains caused by menstruation.”

Adidas also revealed figures from a study that involved more than 14 thousand athletes in the UK, finding that 82.3 percent never received education about their menstrual cycle in the context of sport and exercise. Meanwhile, in the US 65.3 percent had not been educated about the topic.

In a bid to normalize the conversation about menstruation in sport, Adidas collaborated with one of the leaders in scientific research in sport, Dr. Georgie Bruinvels to create educational materials and training plans.

Dr. Bruinvels in a release: “We know, now more than ever, about the importance of exercise in our physical and emotional well-being. The menstrual period during sports practice is, even today, a subject that we are ashamed to talk about, and as a consequence, an area that we are almost completely unaware of.

“And considering the consequences that this fear can have on the quality of life of our adolescents, we have no choice but to overcome it. Education is the starting point. It is what will give rise to conversations that will help break taboos associated with physical activity and the menstrual cycle.”

The TechFit Period Proof Tights are now available at Adidas online, in stores, and through the Adidas app. The company is expected to announce more designs soon.

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Source- FashionUnited