AI In Fashion Market Is Estimated To Worth $2.42 Billion In 2026

BANGALORE, India, — It is time to restyle the fashion industry which has been the epitome of styling for years. It is the situation of the pandemic which causes such changes inevitable. The ongoing pandemic (COVID) has forced the fashion industry to vamp up the technologies which can make people safer as well as give the customer’s an enriching experience. Fashion Industry is seen as one of the most competitive markets where something which is trending today may find itself in the corner the next day.

In the backdrop of the pandemic, the AI can be used as of the smartest tool to help the interests of the customers. Right now, it has been used to increase the productivity of the manufacturing of the clothes and the smooth functioning of enterprises. We have already witnessed the “suggestions based on what you have seen” on various OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and a plethora of others. The current environment values personal experience as the highest. The ever-increasing demand of consumers for highly personalized fashion style, the need for optimized inventory management, the increasing influence of digital media on style choice, and the need to identify relevant buying trends have been few key drivers of AI in fashion.

The AI in the Fashion Industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~39.17% during the forecast period 2020–2026. This report grants exhaustive research about the ongoing trends and the competitive trends following the usage of AI in the fashion industry. There has been a huge demand for AI in the fashion industry and this is major because of the rising influence of social media on the industry of fashionistas. The growing popularity of personalized experience is the driving force behind the demand for AI.

AI in Fashion market research report titled “AI in Fashion by Component, By Application, by Deployment Mode, by Category, End-User, and Region– Forecast up to 2026” provides key insights regarding the AI in the Fashion market, the major competitors in this domain and various innovations happening to tackle the upcoming challenges in the fashion domain.

The report covers the AI in the Fashion market and the analysis by application, by product type, by procedure, and by geography. It provides an in-depth analysis of the major players like Adobe, Oracle, Catchoom, Huawei, Vue.AI, Heuritech, Wide Eyes, Findmine, Intelistyle, Lily AI, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, AWS, Pttrns.AI, SAP, Stitch Fix, Syte, and Mode.AI.

The current trends in fashion industry has forced brands to adopt the new wave of digital transformation. iDesigniBuy being a leader in customization solutions for fashion brands is enabling them with tools to offer whole new personalization offering to their patrons, while they shop.

Source: PR Newswire