Air and Grace launches its first ever Vegan Collection

Fast-growing British footwear brand Air & Grace has announced the launch of its first line of vegan footwear, The Vegan Collection. Launching this autumn, the range is approved by animal rights organization Peta and made entirely from animal-free materials such as cotton, satin and OnSteam microfibre.


The brand said the initiative was made possible despite challenges including a tough trading environment and factory closures to meet growing demand for vegan products.


With revenues rising by 70% last year, Air & Grace is on track to be the fastest growing women’s footwear brand in the UK. And after a strong 2019, online sales have exceeded £1.5m for 2020 to date.


The new range will target eco-minded consumers with handmade trainers and summer espadrilles produced in Spain and Italy. The trainers, available for pre-order from August with prices starting at £149, come in five different styles and are available in high-top and low-top versions. The espadrilles come in two different styles, priced at £99 and £129.


Claire Burrows, founder of Air & Grace, said: “We designed the new Vegan Collection in response to popular customer demand for animal-free products. With veganism moving heavily into the mainstream, it felt only natural and in keeping with the Air & Grace ethos to provide not only vegans, but all women, with an offering that met consumer needs and combined a unique blend of considered comfort, quality and style.”


In keeping with other Air & Grace trainers, the new Vegan Collection is made using the company’s Tender Loving Air Comfort Technology, which incorporates three layers of vegan memory and recovery foam cushioning and adhesives to ensure comfort.


Air & Grace make ‘astonishingly comfortable’* shoes that quite simply look amazing.  Each style goes through as many iterations and wear trials as it takes to make it the very best it can possibly be. On average the development process takes a year from start to finish.


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