BOSIDENG at London Fashion Week signals global stand with China

LONDON: The first appearance of the Chinese down jacket brand BOSIDENG at London Fashion Week turned into a dramatic demonstration of solidarity with China. “GO CHINA!” Was the message that friends of China from all over the world said at the event. This was met with tremendous interest from global media and was reported on the Internet and on social media around the world.


BOSIDENG made its debut at London Fashion Week this season – a historic moment for a leading Chinese fashion brand. Concern over the spread of the corona virus in China has prompted many Chinese designers and media to cancel their participation in this fashion circus season. Foreign media reported that the Chinese were “not represented at the international fashion weeks in 2020.” In a positive vote of confidence in the strength of the Chinese fashion industry and the stamina of the Chinese population, BOSIDENG and their foreign friends cheered for China in these difficult times.


As one of the four major international fashion weeks, London Fashion Week is best known for its innovative and avant-garde spirit. It attracts international brands and designers and is a unique platform for creative energy. The appearance of a Chinese brand at London Fashion Week this season met with enormous interest.


In his show, BOSIDENG professed his Chinese origins. The models in this season’s new down jackets had Chinese flag emblems on their faces. Striking colors such as apple green, neon yellow and Van Gogh blue were combined with fashion accents such as reflective digital camouflage effects and iridescent colors. This spectacular interplay of fashionable creative spirit and technical craftsmanship is a prime example of the modern Chinese fashion trend.


The finale of the show with 54 models in red down jackets next to the designers radiated optimism and perseverance at the same time. An international mix of guests cheered “Go China!” In Chinese and English, expressing its solidarity with China and Chinese brands.


After the show , guests from home and abroad joined in to demonstrate their solidarity with China. A UK visitor said: “It was the most impressive fashion week ever. Go China ! “Another visitor from China commented:” I am very proud that our country flag will be shown at London Fashion Week. Go China ! ”


Several leading media organizations reported how BOSIDENG’s appearance at London Fashion Week promoted global solidarity with China in times of crisis.


As a manufacturer of down jackets with a 43-year tradition, BOSIDENG sent an important message at London Fashion Week and used the show as a global platform for its quality promise. BOSIDENG not only impressed with its high product quality and sophisticated designs, but also proved to be a confident fashion house on the international stage. BOSIDENG has been focusing on sales channels and brands for several years. This strategy has been particularly successful among young audiences and has given the company impressive growth for two years. BOSIDENG shows an example of how Chinese fashion brands can assert themselves in international competition. All of China – and especially Wuhan- is currently fighting the cold season. As a company that attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility, BOSIDENG donated 150,000 down jackets worth 300 million yuan to support emergency services and the needy. The down jacket brand BOSIDENG has once again used the international stage to send a global message of solidarity to China. And thanks to BOSIDENG, China was now represented at London Fashion Week.


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