Capri Holdings And Founders Donated $3 Million For Covid-19 Relief

Luxury fashion group, Capri Holdings, which includes Michael Kors, Versace and Jimmy Choo, has announced that its collective brands and their founders are donating more than 3 million US dollars in support of Covid-19 relief efforts.

“Our hearts and souls go out to those who are working on the front lines to help the world combat the COVID-19 pandemic,” said John D. Idol, chairman and chief executive officer of Capri Holdings Limited in a statement. “We thank them for their remarkable dedication and courage and want to support them and the hospitals where they work. We also aim to strengthen organisations dedicated to helping the community.”

Idol added: “This is clearly a time for people to come together in every way and on every level, because we are all stronger in our united resolve. I want to thank Donatella and Michael for their personal commitments.”

In London, luxury footwear and accessories brand Jimmy Choo will donate 500,000 US dollars to support relief efforts both in the brand’s home country of the UK and also globally.

The donation will see the NHS COVID-19 Urgent Appeal by NHS Charities Together receiving 250,000 US dollars to support hospital staff, volunteers and others on the front line caring for Covid-19 patients.

While the World Health Organisation’s Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund will receive 250,000 US dollars, enabling countries to prepare for and respond to the Covid-19 crisis, and supporting medical professionals and patients worldwide by providing critical aid and supplies.

Jimmy Choo creative director, Sandra Choi said on social media: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the teams of doctors, nurses, scientists and volunteers at the frontline working day and night to fight this pandemic in our hometown of London and across the world.”

Michael Kors donates to coronavirus relief efforts

In New York, the Michael Kors brand will donate 1 million US dollars to support local relief efforts, while founder Michael Kors and John Idol will make personal contributions of an additional 1 million US dollars towards these efforts.

“I have lived in New York all my life—the city has been my home for over 40 years and it’s where I founded my business,” said Michael Kors on social media. “Among the many things that I love about New York and New Yorkers is their strength and unwavering resilience in times of crisis. For a city as big as it is, there’s always been a strong sense of community. It’s heartbreaking to see what is happening here in my hometown, which is currently an epicentre of the virus, and the impact this outbreak is having on people in our city and around the world.”

On the grounds of a pandemic, leading fashion brands are contributing through every possible medium. As fashion brands directly connect with customers, lending hands for them depicts empathetic gestures towards society. We at iDesigniBuy, as a pioneering apparel customization software provider support this cause, follow an identical mindset with positive hope of flattening the curve of COVID-19.