Capri Holdings Outlines Sustainability Targets By 2025

Capri Holdings has launched its first group-wide corporate social responsibility strategy for Earth Day, in which it outlines a number of sustainability targets including one to become carbon neutral in its direct operation by 2025.

The group, whose portfolio includes Versace, Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo, also aims for 100 percent of the energy used for its owned and operated facilities to come from renewable sources by 2025.

Other 2025 targets include for all plastics in its packaging to be recyclable, compostable, recycled or reusable; for 100 percent of point-of-sale packaging materials to be recyclable or sustainably sourced; for at least 95 percent of its leather to be sourced from certified tanneries; and for its supply chain empowerment programmes to be implemented in line with the UN Framework for Corporate Action on Workplace Women’s Health and Empowerment.

Capri Holdings launches first group-wide corporate social responsibility strategy

The group said it will also be looking to improve traceability in its supply chain, will be partnering with key suppliers to reduce water use, and will look to further improve diversity and inclusion, partly through its new Global D&I Council.

“We are proud of the actions our company is taking to drive positive environmental and social change within our organization and our world,” said John D. Idol, chairman and CEO of Capri Holdings in a statement.

“We recognize that as our company grows, so do our responsibilities, and welcome the opportunity to do more. We believe that sound environmental and social policies are both ethically correct and fiscally responsible. To that end, we are committed to improving the way we work in order to better the world in which we live.”

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Source: Fashion United