Charles Tyrwhitt Introduces All-New Fit Philosophy with Befitted Trousers

Accommodating Bottoms and Thighs with Three Builds, New Fit Dimension Delivers Trousers for Every Gentleman’s Shape and Body Type
NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Charles Tyrwhitt, a British menswear brand, introduced Befitted trousers for Autumn/Winter 2019, a new range driven by an all-new fit philosophy. With an array of styles designed for every occasion, Charles Tyrwhitt pants now include a third measurement for a build to accommodate the shape of men’s bottoms and thighs. This along with traditional waist width and leg length measurements aims to deliver a new level of comfort and elegance to menswear from formal to casual styles.
Charles Tyrwhitt introduces casual and formal pants in the following three builds:

  • Full: generously cut to accommodate a shapely, full behind and thighs; common fit problems are pant tightness, overexposure or fabric-ripping

  • Lean: trim cut to fit lean legs and behind; this body type experiences “saggy bottom” when there’s leftover fabric around the upper leg

  • Regular: cut to make the most of legs, best made for a muscular body type that is not flat nor too tight

“Our new philosophy for fit is born out of a desire to help men of all shapes look and feel their best,” said Spencer Riley, Director of Product Design for Charles Tyrwhitt.  “Whether it’s pant tightness, ripping or a too-loose bottom, most common pant issues can be corrected with the right fit. We want to make it simple for men to wear the right size pants, which is why we reinvented our measurement approach to include a dimension for build.”
New Styles for Every Occasion
Available U.S. retail stores and on, the new fit philosophy of the Charles Tyrwhitt collection supports every man’s daily journey while providing the best wear with four different styles to choose: Dressed to the Nines, Dressed 24/7, Dressed to Chill, and Dressed like Jeans. These four designs offer versatility so men can wear a trouser cut that fits as great as it looks. As companies continue to shift from less formality in the workplace to casualwear, it’s important to find trousers that can embrace this dressing down trend while still maintaining comfort and look at an excellent value.
DRESSED TO THE NINES – A smart, tailored style cut to gradually slim down towards the hem for an elegant silhouette. It brings a tailored slant to business and smart casual looks.

  • Needle Cord Trousers – These trousers are tailored from thin ridged corduroy with stretch for comfort. We’ve smartened up what was once a casual fabric, turning it into trousers you can even wear to a formal event. The ridges of the corduroy are thin like needles, meaning a velvety feel and easy movement. ($119)

  • Flannel Trousers – Tailored from 100% wool-brushed fabric, flannel trousers are built for comfort, softness and warmth as fall approaches while maintaining a smart casual look. Available in October. ($99)

  • Travel Trousers – The 100% cotton fabric of these trousers stretches in four directions for absolute ease of movement. The ease of movement mixed with the smart look allows for the perfect trousers for business travel. Available in October. ($99)

DRESSED TO CHILL – A relaxed, easy-to-wear style of timeless appeal. Straight-cut to ample proportions for utmost comfort and perfect to put your feet up in.

  • Jumbo Cords Trousers – The cotton corduroy fabric is comfortable and easy to wear with stretch for ease of movement with a brushed soft touch for cosiness. The Jumbo Cord trousers are ideal for a casual look that will look and feel fantastic on days you want a trouser as relaxed as you are. ($99)

  • Brushed Twill Trousers – Brushed twill fabric is focused on allowing for stretch and ease of movement with a soft touch and comfort. These pants are perfect for downtime where you’ll need added durability and warmth without lacking on style. Available in October. ($89)

DRESSED 24/7 – A versatile, modern style suitable for different occasions from casual to semi-formal. Cut to a trim, streamlined silhouette, it’s perfect for dawn-to-dusk hassle-free dressing.

  • Ultimate Chinos – These chinos are cut to our slimmest, most modern silhouette. They also come with functions for maximum comfort and long wear: non-iron and anti-bacterial. Our Ultimate chinos are protected against stains with a fabric finish technology that ensures a special soil release function to prevent stains from being firmly absorbed into the fibre, without diminishing the fabric’s natural breathability. Ideal for wearing all day, every day without a worry. ($110)

DRESSED LIKE JEANS – Cut to a straight leg, shaped, and detailed like a pair of jeans (it even has the coin pocket!), these pants aren’t tight or baggy and can be dressed up or down. They’re ideal for downtime but will fit the bill for an office appearance of utmost elegance.

  • Five Pocket Trousers – Trousers that have taken the classic jeans shape – with five pockets, including that little coin pocket – but without the denim. Our Five Pocket Trousers use cotton with just a little stretch, pushing them a solid notch up the smartness scale. Trousers that feel like jeans but look at home in the office ($99)

About Charles Tyrwhitt
Charles Tyrwhitt (‘Tyrwhitt’ pronounced like spirit!) was founded in 1986 by Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler to make it easy for men to dress well. Today, Charles Tyrwhitt produces the finest menswear with timeless style and no compromise on quality. Based in England with a flagship store on the world-famous Jermyn street, Charles Tyrwhitt expanded to retail locations in America in 2002 and now has 13 retail stores including New York, Washington DC and Chicago. Best known for its wide variety of shirts, Charles Tyrwhitt offers a complete menswear range including suits, pants, blazers, jackets, sweaters, shoes and accessories. For more information, or to browse and buy our full collection online visit.

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