Dazed Fashion China Presents First Print Magazine at YOHOOD 2019

SHANGHAI, Sept. 5, 2019 / — YOHO! Group, the leading fashion e-commerce platform, wowed the fashion circle with the first print issue of Dazed China, as it wrapped up its “YOHOOD 2019 Global Fashion Carnival” held from August 29 to September 6. As an annual gathering of the fashion world, the carnival gathered fashion followers, global brands and media professionals and aficionados.

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Launched as a magazine that redefines global youth culture the first issue of, Dazed China features young artists and celebrities the UK, South Korea and China such as singer Leah Dou, actor Zhang Yu, model Adoa Aboah, and actor Ah-in Yoo.


Commenting on the launch, Jefferson Hack, Co-Founder and CEO of Dazed Media, said: “Our team develops in-demand content to tap into an underserved market of Chinese readers while providing a platform for Chinese cultural expression on the world stage.”


According to YOHO! Founder and CEO Liang Chao (known informally as Mars), it heralds a non-traditional and “fully integrated” multimedia era of content plus commerce. It will redefine new Chinese youth “as creatively diverse as they are unified.”

In April, YOHO! Group announced that it had joined forces with Dazed Media, an independent media powerhouse from the UK, to launch Dazed China. This landmark partnership and Dazed Media’s overseas expansion has been facilitated by C Ventures, a venture capital fund that has backed both YOHO! and Dazed Media. Adrian Cheng, Founder of C Ventures was appointed as chairman of Dazed China.

“YOHO! is poised to bring more global resources, content and trending ideas to China, while promoting China’s unique pop and streetwear culture to the world. C Ventures will continue to focus on fields of technology, lifestyle and media in China and the West, to create a global culture dedicated to millennial and generation Z consumers,” said Cheng.

Dazed China comprises of a bi-monthly print magazine and online platforms that bring stories that bridge eastern and western culture through fashion, art, music and film.

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