Denver-based Designer Reveals Face Mask Designing Guidelines

LAKEWOOD, Colo.,  Deb Henriksen, LEED AP BD+C, is an Adjunct Faculty Member with Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design’s (RMCAD) Fashion Design Department as a Sustainable Fashion Instructor. Deb’s love for art began early and sewing was a big part of her schedule throughout her childhood. We chatted with her about her involvement in RMCAD’s project to sew face masks and best sustainable, sanitary practices for those masks.

What is your involvement in the face mask creation?

I have been making masks to donate since mid-March and offering them for sale since early April. My first call to action was from a friend who is an ER Nurse. I saw a news story reference the PPE shortage to frontline workers and sent her a text inquiring about her situation. She confirmed what the news said was true, and I got to work. I researched face mask patterns and then drafted one of my own based on universal measurements and preference of coverage.

From there, I was in touch with the fashion community on getting things going. Many have been tirelessly making masks. Most I know of are selling and also donating masks, like myself. One outlet helps keep the other going that way. Nicole Bartet and Darlene Ritz got in touch with me regarding The Athena Mask Project with RMCAD, and the project took off.

What are some do’s and don’ts with face masks we may not be aware of?

-Use natural textiles: Function first, fabrics must be good to breathe through.
-Make sure your pattern makes a well-fitting mask that is functional.
-Be mindful of your construction to minimize losing mask integrity for use.
-Design with a pocket for the paper filter as an option; fabrics are very porous.
-Make sure it is washable and reusable for multiple wears.
– Use heavyweight fabrics.


-Add embellishments and adornments to your face mask that add hard to clean surfaces and holes compromising your mask’s integrity.
-Hand paint or decorate your mask with anything you don’t want to breathe in and can’t wash repeatedly.
-Wear your mask halfway. You’d be better off not wearing one at all if that is the case.
-Touch your mask or your face while wearing it.

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Source: PR Newswire