Dune, Bella Magazine Joins Hands To Launch Jewelry Collection

BOSTON, The bright and sunny color yellow is the hallmark of a new jewelry collection launched by Dune Jewelry’s Founder and CEO, Holly Daniels Christensen and BELLA Magazine’s Editor In Chief and CEO, Vanessa Coppes. Called the “B. Human Jewelry Collection” by Dune Jewelry, the line exemplifies joy, positivity, energy and optimism. Traditionally the color yellow signifies hope, and both women want others to cherish this jewelry as a symbol of light and warmth.

Handmade in sterling silver and crafted with luminous yellow jingle shell, all pieces feature a heart design.  Included in the line are the B. Human Heart Necklace ($70), the B. Human Heart Bracelet ($65), the B. Human Heart Anklet ($65) and the B. Human Heart Stud Earrings ($70).

(BELLA Magazine started the B. Human Campaign to support various organizations and causes that represent what it means to “be human” as well as to give people hope, strength and the chance to live a life full of joy. Dune will partner by donating 20% of the proceeds of the sales in solidarity with BELLA Magazine’s vision.

Causes to date have included aiding LGBTQ+ Youth with New York’s Ali Forney Center, and O.U.R (Operation Underground Railroad), who works to stop human trafficking. “BELLA’s mission aligns with everything that Dune Jewelry stands for, and we’re proud to introduce this philanthropic collection to benefit their organization,” says Christensen.  “Our goal is simple, to shine more light – that’s why it’s yellow – on what it means to be human. By wearing a heart, I hope we can remind ourselves and each other to do just that,” adds Coppes.

Founded in 2010 by kitchen table entrepreneur and travel lover, Holly Daniels Christensen, Dune Jewelry creates fine Experiential Jewelry using sand and natural elements from thousands of memorable and iconic locations around the world.  Each design is handcrafted in Dune’s Boston studio using sand and elements from beaches, ballparks, golf courses, hiking trails, and more.

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Source: PR Newswire