Educating the Consumer on Sustainable Fashion with Videos, News & Trends

TARZANA, Calif., Oct. 14, 2019 – The FabricLink Network (FLN) announces today the launch of a New Sustainability Feature to educate and inspire consumers to be more sustainable with clothing and textile purchases and its care. The feature appears on

Sustainability is the consistent buzz word heard throughout the textile and fashion industry. Sustainability is no longer just a trend, but a growing necessity in the manufacturing of clothing and textile products.

The FabricLink Network
The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, affecting our air, water and other natural resources. In addition, fast fashion is reported to drive consumers to buy 80 billion apparel items annually, that are worn only a few times before being discarded, with nearly 60% of clothes ending up in landfills within a year.

Sustainable Fashion, also called eco-fashion, involves the design and manufacturing of clothing, home furnishings and other textile products in a sustainable manner that considers any environmental and socio-economic impacts. The goal is a system that protects the environment and promotes social responsibility and the ethical treatment of workers.

Kathlyn Swantko, president of the FabricLink Network, explains, “Consumers need access to information to learn about the problems and solutions involving sustainability and the clothes they wear and other textile products they use.”

The New Sustainability feature helps educate consumers about the important role they play. Swantko continues, “The consumer needs to be educated and aware of sustainability issues when making purchases; avoid short-term fads that drive fast fashion; properly care for and repair clothes to extend its life; and, recycle, repurpose and upscale old garments. This will also let companies and manufacturers know that sustainability is important to them.”

The feature includes:

• Eco-Video Vault: Short videos serve as an effective way to learn about Sustainability Problems/Solutions; Common Eco-Certifications & Standards for your garments; and, the Sustainability Stories of industry companies.

• Eco-Glossary: Find terms such as fast fashion, transparency, carbon footprint.

• Trade Show Reviews: Innovative products exhibited at recent trade shows.

• Get Inspired!: Learn how to write your own Sustainability Story; be a Smart Shopper; find 10 tips to make your clothes last longer.

• News & Views: Access to Current News & Articles on Sustainable Fashion, New Products & Innovative Technologies.

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