Elite Sports Socks Launches Sock Designer Tool


Elite Sports Socks, a leading online provider of customized socks, announced today that it is launching a sock designer tool on its website.

“Fall and winter are busy fundraising seasons, making this an ideal time to release a tool that can streamline an organization’s ability to create a great product to raise money. We love helping schools, associations, and other community organizations and charities that are looking to raise money for important causes,” said Louis Louw, founder of Elite Sports Socks.

“Fundraising takes a massive effort from everyone involved. From securing items to sell to actually selling those items and raising awareness about a cause—it’s hard work. We’re excited to help streamline part of that by enabling organizations to easily design sports socks that promote togetherness and awareness.”

In three minutes or less, individuals or groups can request a custom design. The easy user interface guides users in real-time to see what the sock will look like. Once a user is happy with the specifications, they can fill out a short form to request their free design.

Many teams, schools, associations, and organizations come to Elite Sports Socks to create custom designs to support teams, fundraisers, and other causes. While some may have a mock-up design on hand, others are looking for assistance in creating a stylish, tailored sports sock that will infuse any activity with team spirit and unity.

For those looking to support a special fundraiser with low-cost, custom socks, the new sock designer tool makes the process seamless. Any organization—big or small, made up of kids or adults—can easily create fun, tailor-made socks that are sure to make any fundraising effort a success.

“We love watching people get really creative with the designs they come up with,” Louw said. “Many different groups have returned to us for more socks because they had such a fun time creating them the first time around. People love having the ability to merge a good cause with a creative outlet. And we love supporting that.”


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