Farfetch Unveils New Brand Identity with a Global Campaign

September 16, 2020–Luxury marketplace Farfetch is refreshing its brand identity alongside a new global campaign that puts its boutique business model “front and centre”. The campaign ‘Open Doors to a World of Fashion’ celebrates the businesses global community, while the overhauled website aesthetic aims to cement its place as a fashion authority in the luxury sphere.

The new “streamlined and modern” brand identity features a new logo, profile and ‘Fuse’ monogram. The refreshed feel it adds has a “more curated approach,” introducing more white space along with a new typographic palette that includes a bespoke typeface ‘Farfetch Basis’, designed in partnership with Colophon Foundry, alongside the more graphic font family, Nimbus and the bespoke monogram.

Farfetch worked with Munich-based design studio Bureau Borsche to generate an entirely new cohesive visual system for the brand with the aim of building on its global reputation, while also resonating with its growing audience.

Alongside the new look, Farfetch have also established a digital framework to elevate the customer experience, whilst complimenting its extensive community of brands and boutiques.

Holli Rogers, chief brand officer of Farfetch, said in a statement: “With our new brand identity, we wanted to introduce a forward-looking vision for the brand while honouring the Farfetch identity as a single and singular destination, powered by innovative technology, through which to access the greatest designers – established and emergent – fashion curators and most discerning boutique owners across the globe.

“Farfetch is now in its second chapter as a company, partnering with the world’s best designers and stores and we need an identity that reflects that. It marks a new era of expression, ambition and evolution. This is the perfect moment to build on our growth and our journey so far.”

Farfetch introduces its own bespoke monogram as part of new brand identity

The ‘Farfetch Fuse’ monogram is at the heart of the refresh and will act as an “integral communication tool” which it states will “connect the traditional fashion world with the needs of a dynamic digital company,” while acting as a “seal of approval” for its curated product range.

“When things are fused, they join together physically or chemically to become one,” adds Farfetch. “In this case, ‘The Fuse’ is a fusion between a capital ‘F’ and lower case ‘f’ and represents the inherent duality of the brand – it’s a platform where there is a continuous dichotomy between the classic and the modern, the established and the experimental, the romantic and the revolutionary.”

Louise Robertson, creative director product of Farfetch, added: “Not only is the monogram a motif born from our new logotype, it’s also essential for small-size context such as an app icon. Immediacy is expected in digital mediums and this flexibility in our brand toolkit allows us to communicate our brand in all mediums from giant billboards to mobile home screens across the globe.”

Farfetch launches global campaign ‘Open Doors to a World of Fashion

To launch the refreshed Farfetch, the brand has constructed a global campaign, called ‘Open Doors to a World of Fashion’, with the aim of sending a message of togetherness, open-mindedness and optimism, while celebrating the global community that is the fashion industry.

Created with British photographer Harley Weir, Chinese photographer Leslie Zhang, Russian stylist Lotta Volkova and French filmmaker Simon Cahn, the campaign also includes a range of creatives from across the world, including the Broadway playwright and actor Jeremy O. Harris, fashion muse Veronika Kunz, music artist Kindness, London poet Sonny Hall, Chinese actress Angelababy, environmentalist Wilson Oryema, Vogue cover girl Kesewa Aboah and “new faces to watch” from China, Nigeria, and India.

Commenting on the campaign, Rogers, said: “This campaign brings a sense of optimism and ‘togetherness’. In a world where perhaps we can’t physically be together right now, where we can’t travel to our favourite boutiques or shopping destinations we wanted to express how we can bring the world of fashion to people everywhere now and in the future.

“Farfetch lives at the intersection of two worlds – fashion and technology. These worlds were already merging before the global pandemic, but the move to online is accelerating.”

The campaign aims to evoke the feeling that through changing times and new beginnings, the power of individual expression is greater than ever, explains Farfetch, while celebrating the power to “dream new dreams, to explore new worlds and to open doors to endless possibilities”.

The ‘Open Doors’ campaign will launch across its key markets in New York, Shanghai, London and the Middle East, across Out of Home (OOH), print, social, online and TV, a first for the digital-first company.

Rogers, added: “Through this campaign, we bring our own highly distinctive global community together, opening doors to a network of like-minded souls: breaking boundaries, bypassing borders – opening doors to fashion and fashion lovers everywhere.”

There will also be a TikTok challenge, a Snapchat Portal Lens, where customers can virtually visit Farfetch boutique partners globally, a new YouTube channel, and a series of “intimate conversations” on Instagram, as well as content partnerships with Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Highsnobiety, More Or Less and AnOther Magazine.

Ronojoy Dam, brand and culture director of Farfetch, said: “Our campaign is enriching and uplifting, beautiful and forward-looking. Our vision is heartfelt – we wanted it to feel inclusive, elegant and idiosyncratic in equal parts. Fashion is about dreaming, storytelling and expression – designed now more than ever to be empowered and empowering. We are proud to have worked with visionary international talent to bring this campaign to life.”

The Farfetch marketplace connects customers in over 190 countries with luxury items from more than 50 countries and nearly 1,300 of the world’s best brands, boutiques and department stores, via a single platform.

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