Fashion: Fast or slow? Sustainable and fair!

LOS ANGELES: The garment industry has been one of extreme competition with the search for the lowest ‘impossible’ cost ever-present. Then Covid hit, which has changed the way people look at many things. The end-consumer is more involved in different causes. In the marketplace, there’s been an added surge in e-commerce, hitting already suffering traditional brick-and-mortar retail, and even some long-established powerful businesses have been forced to shutter. And yet, there’s an opportunity now to forge a better way forward.

This is no surprise to Peruvian manufacturers who have been working responsibly for ages. Some leading USA brands are looking to nearshore their production in order to satisfy the needs of their customers. There is a call for sustainability and fairness in fashion. The end-consumer is demanding apparel they would feel proud having in their closets for years and that is produced at environmentally responsible factories where workers are justly compensated.

Climate change and social injustice are key themes on everybody’s mind. Global apparel manufacturing is sadly the second industry generating the most pollution, yet historically creating minimal development in emerging countries. Consumers are demanding that companies reflect responsible views in their business practices and that leadership donate to social causes and the solving of environmental problems as much as possible.

In many cases what is normally paid to the factories is around 10% of the retail price the end consumer pays. This should not be acceptable. Over the years, some big brands discontinued their growing production in Peru when they found alternative countries with cheaper labor costs. Now the industry realizes that Peru is a key country for quality and good service, and are actively producing there.

As we transition out of the pandemic, people are looking forward to getting dressed again -though still comfortably- for their renewed lives. Peru has this covered, specializing in ethically produced, high quality garments, using materials including Pima cotton, organic cotton, recycled blends, performance fabrics.

There is also “Alpaca del Peru” which is the epitome of luxury meeting sustainability. Categories include sweaters, dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear, ponchos, socks…

Sustainable fashion is need of the hour. Big brands are taking initiative to give the shift of clothing and modern fashion towards sustainability. Keeping in mind modern digital and sustainable trends, iDesigniBuy offers apparel design software that gets integrate with the website so that apparel brands can offer customization on apparels.

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Source: PR Newswire